Pieces of My Heart

“Pieces of My Heart,” is made up of 82 bite-sized, short stories about lessons found in everyday life.  They are meant to encourage us to respond to God's gentle call to us, if we will dare to open our eyes and ears to see and hear Him.  Each story is about anything and everything I encountered along this ride we call "life" and the ways God used it to teach me about Him. It is my hope that these stories will draw the reader closer to the heart of God.

My original intention was to keep a journal for my 6 daughters so that they would always have a piece of their dad with them. Since it was uniquely my thoughts filled with my humor and my experiences, in my mind, I looked at it as actually giving them a piece of my heart.  I wanted to give them something that they would be able to read long after I left this world, and hoped that my written words would bring me back so that my memory would never fade in their hearts.  I pictured my daughters reading these stories to my grandkids and then my grandkids could read it to their kids when they became parents…and so on. I suppose it was the legacy I desired to pass on to future generations.

Through the social network Facebook, I began to share some of these stories with people and the response was very good.  Several people told me I should write a book and each time I laughed it off.  Then God began to speak to me about touching lives beyond my own family. When I was connected with a small Christian publisher, the journal I started in 2001 transformed into a book. Now you too can share…along with my daughters…in “Pieces of My Heart.”

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