Glimmer of Hope - 6/11/2014

SHORT THOUGHTS:  Sometimes you get little signs that what you are doing is "worth it." That maybe even though you don't see everything that you expected to see materializing and that things are not happening like you thought they would, that maybe, just are still going in the right direction. You are indeed, still making a difference somewhere and in someone's life. This is one of those little signs for me.

My book, Pieces of My Heart, in the financial aspect, has not done very well. Online sales have not been very good and though I have personally sold some books, I am far from even breaking even, even though I am poised and ready to put out my next book. I have been working hard since it came out in late 2011 to get the book to get some traction. But when a six month check from my publisher arrives and it is less than $10, the voices scream out in my head. "Why are you wasting your time?" "No one wants to hear what you have to say." "Give are a failure." And they continue.

But I will NEVER GIVE UP!!! Each time when I am at a low, there is a glimmer of hope that even though I may not see it financially, I am making a difference. Here is one such glimmer.

I have been emailing and have met with a new friend about some issues this person was dealing with. I woke up early one morning with three stories from my book to tell this person to read. After emailing them, I found out they didn't even have my book. Ha. So I did the next best thing and sent the person my original Word docs of these stories and told them I thought they were for them personally that day.

After reading them, I received an email from the person asking to buy five books from me. Two of them were going to be for their coworkers.

And there it glimmer of hope to keep me moving forward. God is faithful in this type of thing as it has happened I believe four times now since the book came out in a similar way. Each time lifted me and encouraged me that I was making a difference.

I know this is all in God's timing and I also know there are different definitions of success. Today, I will be mailing five successes and I will probably never know while I am on this earth, all that God will do through each one of them.

Thanks God for your faithfulness and kindness to me,

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