Junk in the Trunk - 5/10/2017

RANDOM THOUGHTS:  So, I discovered last night that I am no longer "slim."  Yes, yes, it's true. I went and bought the exact pants that the groom men are wearing for my daughter, Kendra's wedding so I could match.  I saw that they had 34x34 and I was jazzed.  I also noticed it said, "slim" on the tag and my mind lied to me and said, "Sure, you are still a 'slim' buddy."

I thought I had my clothes all worked out until I thought maybe that I should try things on.

The pants went on well and kind of fit like a glove, a batting glove even.  It appears I have a little or maybe a lot more junk in the trunk than I did in my younger years.  Yes, truth be told, they were tight which is OK if I decide to stand all afternoon and evening and not eat much.  But if I were to eat and maybe decide to sit down in a chair for a while...who knows what could happen.

It may look like a scene from the incredible hulk where one second Bill Bixby was nicely dressed and all is well and the next his clothes are torn and he is all green.  Only I think I would be all red. Just saying.

Lesson learned:  Life is cruel and don't always believe what your brain tells you.

Carry on,

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