Just Grow - 7/21/2017

Just-Grow1Just-Grow2SHORT THOUGHTS:  God often shows me things or teaches me in the simplest ways in life. Maybe it is because that is what I need or maybe it is because I notice. Either way, it's all good. Last night was another quick lesson.

My wife, Denice and I are again...empty nesters and because of this, we don't use our second bathroom much. But last night I did and when I went to wash my hands, I saw this little green guy poking out his little green head. I am sure he probably had a very (sorry in advance) "sinking feeling” and for sure felt that his life was going “down the drain” because of where he was living and maybe even felt a little “trapped” because of his situation.  Nevertheless, he grew there anyway.

When I pulled him out of the drain, I was surprised to find much more of him. I was curious as to exactly what my little friend was, so I decided to plant him on the edge of my grass for now so I can keep an eye on him.

Anyway, with that longer than the lesson intro, here is your quick life reminder for today. "Grow where you are planted." Don't worry about where God has you at the moment...just grow.

And maybe, if you will do that, God might decide to move you to the edge of His grass. Just saying.

Carry on,

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