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Until Then...Faith - 7/22/2013

SHORT THOUGHTS:  God is still, always was and always will be loving and good.  Even when we can't see it...even when it is far beyond our view...even when it makes no sense to us at all.  One day we will see the whole picture, beginning to end and understand.  One day, the veil of this life will be torn away and we will see and know fully and all will be clear...Until then, just know it is true.  Until 


A Word to the Wise – 7/17/2013

JOURNAL:  If someone calls you a "wise man," that's a compliment...but if someone calls you a "wise guy," it is not a compliment.  Now you are perhaps perceived as a smart aleck or maybe even a gangster or mobster.  Both start with "wise" and reference the male gender.  But somehow the spelling of that gender really matters.  Hmm.  So let's continue on with this line of thinking and see where it goes.

Hair of the Pig - 7/17/2013

RANDOM THOUGHTS:  This morning, I was thinking about the line that the three little pigs used when the wolf was asking them to open the door.  It is the classic line, "Not by the hair of my chiny, chin, chin" that came to my mind.  There is no doubt about it, that is a great and cute line.

Being Cheesy - 7/16/2013

RANDOM THOUGHTS: I was at Subway tonight with my wife, Denice.  After yodeling because I thought Denice had asked for "Swiss" cheese, I realized she had actually said, "American" cheese.  Yes, I know, they do rhyme and you are right...anyone could make that mistake.  Anyway, it made the subway sandwich girl smile and Denice may or may not have smirked and rolled her eyes at me. (after almost 25 years of marriage...I call that a win)

New Life Rule - 7/15/2013

SHORT THOUGHTS:  NEW LIFE RULE...for all things good, positive and productive in my life.

Instead of looking for excuses and all the reasons why I can't do something...I will now look for opportunities and focus on all the reasons why I can, will and should do the things that I need to do, want to do and dream about accomplishing.  I want to, I choose to and will make the most of this gift of life and precious time that God has given to me.

Great Lessons of Life - 7/12/2013

SHORT THOUGHTS:  You can only control what you do, think and say...not what others do, think and say. The sooner you learn and more importantly, accept that fact, the sooner you will be able to lighten your load. And you certainly cannot change the past but only make choices to affect the present and the future. Don't worry and fret about what you can't is a waste of precious life. Just work on what you can change and invest your life in things of value so your future looks nothing like your past.

Putting It On - 7/11/2013

JOURNAL:  I was thinking about some things this morning.  As I was going through my memory verses, I was running through some verses from Ephesians 2 and the part about us being God’s handiwork stood out in my mind.  And then further that we were specifically made by God through Jesus to do good things that were already prepared for us before we were even doing them.

The Offense on the Fence - 6/1/2011

JOURNAL:  There I was, taking a walk with my wife in our neighborhood like I had done many times before.  But on the way back home, something was different.  I noticed a fence that had been broken apart in several places.  The first two places were small with only a few pickets knocked off but the last place was much, much larger.  It appeared to me that a car had probably hit some ice on the road and spun off striking t

Is It a Crock? - 7/9/2013

RANDOM THOUGHTS:  So, today we are having an area team building event. In the past couple times, we have had a big BBQ.  This year, they are mixing it up by doing a Cajan theme.  They have flown in "live" craw-fish from Louisiana as well as alligator...(though not live).  A few friends and I were talking about this as none of us have ever had alligator.

Small Pains - 7/9/2013

SHORT THOUGHTS:  Well, I am up and around and my body is reminding me of the two games I played last night.  But these small pains remind me I am alive and still kicking and I am thankful for that.  I am also very grateful for the ONE from whom my help and strength comes from. I am thankful for life and what this body God gave me can still do.  And even though my body may not work exactly the same as it used to, I am enjoying the ride.

Thank you God for all You have done for me and still do for me, whether I even know it or not.  You rock and are my Rock!


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