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Copy That - 7/8/2013

RANDOM THOUGHTS: I heard some people talking on "walkie talkies" this morning. If you ever listen to such talk, you will hear them constantly saying, "Copy that" and sometimes "Over." It made me think back over the years of hearing "WT" talk throughout my life. It occurred to me that in all that time I have never hear anyone say, "Paste that" or "Under." That seems very one sided and a little strange if you ask me. 

Thoughts?  Comments? 

~David Wood

Of All the Things - 7/7/2013

SHORT THOUGHTS:  In 52 years of life, of all the things I still do not know, have not ever been able to figured out or failed to thing I do know clearly.  That is this...God loves me.  I was worth a Son to Him.

It does not make any sense to me why because I know me and I really don't think I will truly ever figure it out while I am on this side of eternity.  But I do know that it is true...God loves me and God loves you and I am so grateful.  These two verses pretty much put it in a nutshell for us.


A Fish Story - 7/3/2013

RANDOM THOUGHTS:  Humor break:  So my friend Larry and I went up to McCall Lake for some sweet fishing.  Larry is an avid fisherman and me, well, not so much, although I have watched a few fishing shows on TV.  When we got the the beautiful lake, we rented a boat from the boat rental place.  Very soon, we were out on the water and on to a spot chosen by Larry, where we dropped anchor.

Bring on The Pure Joy - 6/27/2013

SHORT THOUGHTS:  Who loves hard times?  Who considers them, "PURE JOY?"  Not me!  Not me!  But look at all the cool stuff James tells us can come from them.

Right off the bat, we can gain perseverance.  And this "perseverance" thingy seems to have the ability to bring us maturity, completeness and to leave us lacking for nothing.  I like the sound of that.  Who would not want that?

Follow Da Momma - 6/9/2013

JOURNAL:  Recently, my wife, my dog and I were all sitting on a blanket in a park near our house called, "DeMeyer Park."  We have our house up for sale and we needed to vacate the premises for a while so a realtor could show some people our property.

Judge Not - 6/7/2013

SHORT THOUGHTS:  When you judge someone, you don't really define them... you define yourself.  It is my observation in this thing we call, "life"... that most of the time, it is the people who are making those judgment calls and casting accusations our way that are truly in need of a good look in the mirror.

Three Years Later - 6/5/2013

RANDOM THOUGHTS:  Today marks three years since my mom closed her eyes to this world and opened them to the next.  It has been three years of tremendous changes, loss and challenges to say the least but I am still standing and moving forward.

What Are You Wearing? - 6/4/2013

SHORT THOUGHTS:  Did you get dressed today?  What about your spirit, what is it wearing?  Just like you get up every day and most likely put on some kind of clothes (unless you live in a nudist colony), in the same way, God's word seems to suggest that we also dress our spirits, effecting out attitudes that we will have.  And depending on what we choose from your spiritual dresser and closet to put on, we can have a variety of attitudes when going out the door and interacting with the world as ambassadors for Christ.  Depending on what we pick,  that will be who the world w

Half Cap Mishap - 5/28/2013

JOURNAL:  Recently I rode my motorcycle to work.  The weather has been getting nicer, actually warming to about ten degrees above normal.  This put the morning ride in the 50's and the afternoon ride home in the mid 80's.  That is absolutely the perfect weather if you ask me.  And yes, I know you didn't but still...if you did.

The Hubcaps of Life - 5/23/2013

JOURNAL:  This morning as I was driving into work, I came across a lone hubcap.  It was lying in the middle of the road in the parking lot.  It was obvious that it had been run over many times as there were pieces of its former self laying all around it.  Some of those pieces were the clips that hold the pieces that secure it to the rim, giving your tire that much nicer look they have when they are in place. 


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