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What Are You Wearing? - 6/4/2013

SHORT THOUGHTS:  Did you get dressed today?  What about your spirit, what is it wearing?  Just like you get up every day and most likely put on some kind of clothes (unless you live in a nudist colony), in the same way, God's word seems to suggest that we also dress our spirits, effecting out attitudes that we will have.  And depending on what we choose from your spiritual dresser and closet to put on, we can have a variety of attitudes when going out the door and interacting with the world as ambassadors for Christ.  Depending on what we pick,  that will be who the world w

Half Cap Mishap - 5/28/2013

JOURNAL:  Recently I rode my motorcycle to work.  The weather has been getting nicer, actually warming to about ten degrees above normal.  This put the morning ride in the 50's and the afternoon ride home in the mid 80's.  That is absolutely the perfect weather if you ask me.  And yes, I know you didn't but still...if you did.

The Hubcaps of Life - 5/23/2013

JOURNAL:  This morning as I was driving into work, I came across a lone hubcap.  It was lying in the middle of the road in the parking lot.  It was obvious that it had been run over many times as there were pieces of its former self laying all around it.  Some of those pieces were the clips that hold the pieces that secure it to the rim, giving your tire that much nicer look they have when they are in place. 

Our Most Precious Gift - 5/17/2013

SHORT THOUGHTS:   As I awoke this morning and wondered how much time I had before the alarm went off, these words popped into my head.  "Don't worry about how much time you have left...just make the most of the time that you have."  And with that, I drifted back to sleep until my alarm truly went off, officially starting me into my awake side of the new day. 

Relationship, Not Religion - 5/10/2013

SHORT THOUGHTS:  The spirit of religion is more concerned with our appearance and how we look on the outside to others rather than how we really are. We can look good and at the same time, not be good at all. The spirit of relationship, as in with God, is concerned with what we truly are on the inside...under all the masks and false fronts we use to keep people from seeing our faults and who we really are...just broken people in great need of a Savior.  -David

A Leap of Faith - 5/9/2013

RANDOM THOUGHTS:  I had an absolutely brilliant idea last night, even if I do say so myself...and so far, it is just me saying it. I think it is probably like that story about the one crab trying to get out of the bucket while all the others pull him back down, kind of thing.

Anyway, when talking with my wife, Denice, I had the thought...revelation maybe, an epiphany at best. What occurred to me was the perfect excuse for anything you don't want to talk about, want to change the subject with or if you just need something to blame something on.

Young is Old When? - 5/9/2013

RANDOM THOUGHTS:  An important questioned popped into my head a little bit ago. I have no answer so I am coming to you to gain knowledge. So here goes...get ready. How long do you have to keep "egg foo young" before it will be considered "egg foo old?" Thoughts? Comments?  -David

Floppy Bags - 5/7/2013

JOURNAL:  Hello, my name is David Wood and I use to have floppy bags.  Sometimes, I just think it is best to come right out and put it all on the table right up front.  Then the elephant in the room is out in the open and you can only move forward from that point on.   The ice has been broken and progress can now be made.

Papa Loves You - 5/2/2013

JOURNAL:  This morning I went through my normal routine.  I woke up to my alarm, unplugged my phone and went into the bathroom.  Then I went back out and picked up my dog, Peanut's bed, with her inside it, like I do every morning and brought her in the bathroom with me.  She tends to not sleep much once I get up so to keep her from waking up my wife, I just take her with me to remove the chance of that.  Peanut will usually sleep, then wake up to

Memorable Thought - 4/29/2013

RANDOM THOUGHTS:  I wanted to sign up for a website that helps keep your brain sharp and improves memory by playing interactive games. The problem is, I can't remember the the name of the site, where I saw it or why I am looking for it. On the bright side, I did just find my keys...David


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