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Body vs. Spirit - 4/11/2013

SHORT THOUGHTS:  My body and spirit are in a fight this morning. My body is very ticked off at my spirit for wanting to continue to play softball. My spirit is excited to be playing again and had a great time. My body is hurting in places that it forgot it had from all the running, sliding, diving and swinging (and that was just trying to get to the field). My spirit is saying, "I don't feel anything you big baby!" My body is giving my spirit dirty looks. My spirit is not even looking and is dancing.

One Bun or Two? - 4/8/2013

JOURNAL:  On Palm Sunday this year, while attending church at Valley Christian Church in Fruitland, Idaho, I had an incredible thought...a revelation even. 

Now I would like to tell you that this epiphany was inspired by the awesome music or possibly the communion meditation that morning.   Or maybe that it was inspired by the great love of the people shown there or the fantastic message preached by my friend, Ralph, that Sunday.  But the truth is, although all of those things were true, it had nothing to do with any of them.  What happened was this.

Getting in the Groove - 7/19/2012

JOURNAL:  In the mornings when I get to work, I am pretty predictable and yesterday was no different.  As usual, I got my water bottle and Styrofoam coffee cup that I was re-using and took off for the break room to refill them both.

Not the Bunny - 3/31/2013

SHORT THOUGHTS:  Today is not about the bunny, it's about the ONE that made the bunny and all living things on land and sea.  It's about the ONE that strung the stars and planets in the sky and made the ocean, the sand and the sunsets.  It's about the ONE that made the mountains, the forest, the rivers, the streams and the trees.  It's about the ONE that made you and me and the ONE that is the same yesterday, today and forever.  It's about then ONE who conquered death and now sits at the right hand of God the Father.  Thank you Jesus for Your sacrifice to make a way for one such as me.

I Could Have Had a V8 - 9/8/2012

I Could Have Had a V8JOURNAL:  As I was getting ready to ride my motorcycle to work this morning, I slipped two V8's into my motorcycle jacket, one in the left pocket and one in the right. As I zipped the pockets shut, a thought ran through my brain. (I know...scary) I thought, if you were to get into an accident, the V8's will surely rupture and if you are unconscious, you will look like a goner to the paramedics.

Coconut Thoughts - 3/26/2013

RANDOM THOUGHTS: I have been drinking a lot of coconut and almond milk lately.  And no, I still do not know how they "milk" an almond and yes, it still bothers me to no end...but lets not get me started on that...again.  I am really liking both the coconut and almond milk now and have not had regular milk for a couple of weeks. 

Hairy Eagles - 3/22/2013

Random Thoughts:  Think how cool it would be if bald eagles were not bald at all.  If in fact, they had beautiful, full heads of hair.  They are spectacular as they are no doubt.  But imagine one with a big red, white and blue Elvis pompadour soaring above head.  Or a female eagle with long flowing braided hair with beads gracefully floating as she soared on high.  Oh, how sweet that would be?  I can see it all so clearly in my head and I just wish I could show you.

Comments? Thoughts? 

Don’t Be Alarmed - 3/14/2013

JOURNAL:  The time was 10:43 PM and I had been fast asleep since about 10:00.  In fact, “IF” sugar plums truly dance in your head while you are sleeping, I am pretty sure there was a disco dance club with a crowd of sugar plums dancing in my head with lights moving to and fro and a big shiny ball sending little light spots in every direction.  And yes, of course they were all dressed like John Travolta in “Saturday Night Fever” attire. 

Make the Most of Everything - 3/15/13

SHORT THOUGHTS:  Every day is a gift from God.  In the end, you will realize that every second was also.  Make the very most of what you have been given, even if it is not what you want to have.  Do your very best with what you have right now instead of waiting for what you wish you had.  That may never come.  Live and love as if it matters...because it all matters whether you can see it or not.

What is Itching You? – 3/12/2013

JOURNAL:  I was thinking last night before bed that I wished God had made our arms just about 6 inches longer. That way, we could actually scratch that place right dab in the middle of our backs ourselves instead of just almost reaching it like we do now. It would also help when searching for things on top of the fridge and reaching under the couch for something that slipped through the cushions. I think God did that to show us that we not made to do this thing we call "life" alone.


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