Looking Like Arnold - 1/12/2017

RANDOM UPDATE:  So yesterday, I took Denice to work in our truck. Not because it had continued to snow but rather, because the warmer, above freezing weather was melting some of the snow and some of the streets were getting pretty deep in water and slushy, snowy mess.

When I got home last night, I discovered that the city had come by during the day and plowed a lane on our street.  That was the good news.  The bad news is they left a wall of snow and ice about two feet high and three feet wide in front of everyone's driveways.  I used my 4WD to get across mine and into the garage but other people were outside struggling to get their cars out of the street and into their garages.  After parking in my garage, I went back outside to help some people.

First I went to help the lady across the street. Her husband, who is disabled, was sitting in the passenger seat of their van and she was shoveling for all she was worth to make a way into her garage. I helped her for about a half hour and we made a way for her to get inside her garage.  Then I went to the neighbor to the left of them.  They had three people trying to make a way to their driveway.  About 15 minutes later, we had a path. I was pretty tired no doubt by then and went inside to eat dinner and recharge.

About an hour later, I came back out and chopped through Denice's side of the driveway so she could get out in the morning.  After that, I had nothing left and went back inside for the night.

In the morning, Denice got out fine.  My side of the driveway was still high and now more frozen...it took two tries in 4WD to get over it but I was successful.  The bad news is that tonight I will need to chop my side all down and make it level.

All I have got to says is...if I do not have a body that looks much like Arnold Schwarzenegger in his prime by the end of this season...I am going to be very disappointed and feel very ripped off.  But don't worry..."I'll be back!!!"

Carry on,

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