My Cup Runneth Over - 9/25/2017

sippy_cupsRANDOM THOUGHTS:  Last night, Denice had a "wine" accident. Not a "whine" accident which is very different and much...much more...well, it's just different.

Last night when she took a drink and went to put it down, she set it on the edge of something and the glass tipped, sending wine all over the place.  Yes, it was not a really grape situation.  This immediately caused a mild, red wine on the couch and carpet, panic.

Contrary to popular belief and vicious rumors, this was only her first glass of wine.  Granted, it was a 32oz glass but still, only one and she did spill some.

So tonight, I got her a special glass out before asking her if she wanted a glass of wine.  When I did ask her, she made it even better by saying, "I don't think I can be trusted."  I just smiled and filled her glass and gave it to her.  She indulged me with a chuckle and tried out her new cup.

After going after her first sip, she complained it was hard to get out and whined that she was having a hard time spilling it.  So I looked around in the cupboard and I found a slightly better cup that she approved of.

So with that, I thought I would share her new wine glasses for your enjoyment.

Carry on,

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