The Pretzel - 8/8/2017

RANDOM THOUGHTS: So, today I was tricked into doing some exercises.  Yes, my wife, Denice is a tricky one no doubt.

Last night before bed, she asked me if I would like to do some yogurt in the morning.  I was like, "Wow, I like yogurt...let's do some!"  I am always up for new things and so I was glad to introduce yogurt to our morning routine.  Then the morning came and there was no yogurt waiting for me, there was just this YouTube video on the TV screen.

I thought maybe it was going to tell us how to make yogurt from scratch or how to properly eat it but instead, it told me a bunch of different ways to bend my body that I am not sure are sanctified by God or not.

I learned the downward dog which probably looked more like a sideways cat when I was doing it and I am sure was a wonderful sight to view with all the extra junk I am carrying in my trunk these days.  I also learned a couple of different warrior poses and others I can't remember the names of because my mind has blocked them out.  On the bright side, it was nice to be able to get “bent out of shape” and not get in trouble for it or have to apologize.  Win/win.

This lady in the YouTube video seemed "bent" on posing me in many, many ways that I don't normally attempt even later in the day, much 5:30 in morning.  Maybe it is better to try to do this poses early before your body wakes up and realizes what is going on. 

But when it was all said and done, Denice and I were able to say that we survived and maybe were even better and possibly stronger in the future for it.  So maybe this kind of yogurt thing is going to be a good thing.  We...will...see.

Carry on,
David - AKA - The Pretzel

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