The Things We Do For Our Kids - 11/17/2015

RANDOM THOUGHTS:  It is really crazy what we will do for our kids.

Tonight, my daughter, Shelby, who has been under the weather recently, got me to eat a clove of garlic.

She was sitting across from me as I was loading the dishwasher and kept trying to get me to eat it. She had told me how unexpectedly spicy it had been and really wanted me to try it. She said that she had eaten two in the last day trying to help her feel better. I kept stepping off with all kinds of segways and excuses as to why I could not and was not interested. But she is my daughter and is persistent and kept working on me.

After trying lots and lots of angles and realizing that not even a triple dog dare was going to work on me, she brought out the big guns.

She said something like, "If you eat it, it would be something that we did together as a father and daughter and would be bonding." With that "heart strings" approach, I melted like a cheap candle.

I picked up the garlic clove and pretended to put it in my mouth and made ugly faces. She insisted I show her the garlic clove in my mouth, untrusting as she was. I tried to fake it well but could not pull it off. So with that, in it went. She had me chew it up and then swallow it. She was correct, very spicy and hot.

Since then, she has told me how strong it is. My wife, Denice, has missed this whole things as she went to bed a little early. Somehow...someway, I have to try to sneak in there without being sniffed out. I have brushed my teeth and tongue, tried lime, lemon and other various doTerra oils to combat the garlic clove but I think it is still winning.

So as a last resort, I am asking for you all to pray that Denice will have a stuffy nose tonight and I will be able to sneak to bed...undetected.

Thanks in advance my friends and family,

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