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In That Day - 7/8/2016

SHORT THOUGHTS:  There are many things that happen in this life that we just will never, ever understand.  The hard truth, though we don't like it, is that we don't have to understand everything.  With some things...we will just have to learn to trust in the One that knows everything from the beginning to the end.  The One that will make all things new and all wrongs right.  The One that loves us more than we can ever even comprehend.  In that day, when we are there with God, then we will see and understand it all.

Carry on,

Only God and Peanut Know - 6/8/2016

Praying PeanutRANDOM THOUGHTS:  This picture is of me and my world famous dog, Peanut Butter Wood in my prayer closet yesterday morning.  PBW insisted to me that she was in fact, praying with me in there.

I don't want to be dogmatic but I have my doubts and think she may have been doing what she does 12+ hours a day...sleeping. Only PBW and God know for sure.

Carry on,

My Hairy Friend - 6/8/2016

RANDOM THOUGHTS:  Last night I discovered something that I had not ever really noticed or thought of before.  As luck (maybe good...maybe bad) would have it, I have decided to share this revelation with you now.  You are welcome...or...I'm very sorry, in advance.  Choose your side after you read on.

The Making of Kitty Wampus – 6/2/2016

JOURNAL:  On the way to work today, in the rain, on the freeway about five miles from work, the word, “kittywamus” came into my head.  I don’t know how, I don’t know why…maybe it was a direct gift from God and maybe not.  You can be the judge after reading more, as this word has sparked a plethora of thoughts in this crazy mind of mine.

Gates and Doors - 5/10/2016

SHORT THOUGHTS:  Straight from my prayer closet, consider the words of Psalm 24:7-10.

What gates have we refused to open in our lives to God so He can come in and reign? What ancient doors are still locked, bolted and barricaded to keep The King of Glory out and our way in?

Something to consider as we move forward this morning.

The Tality of It All - 5/2/2013

RANDOM THOUGHTS:  Something just occurred to me and I thought I would run it by you all.

Not Enough Faith – 5/3/2016

SHORT THOUGHTS:  I read these words this morning in my prayer time and they were just so true that I had to share them with you all.

To me, if we just open our eyes and our ears, the evidence of God's existence is literally...everywhere.  He is in the things that "just happen" like clockwork every single day...the seasons coming and going...the beauty in all creation all around us.  He is calling out to us everywhere if we will just open our eyes and our ears and see Him and hear Him.

If I Can – 4/12/2016

SHORT THOUGHTS:  Who couldn't use a straight path?  So much of life does not make sense to me.  But that is not so with God.  He sees everything from the beginning to the end.  He sees what will be where we see what is now.  He see us for who we will become where we see us for who we are now.  He removes our sins as far as the east is from the west while we remember all of our shortcomings.

So Many Questions - 4/7/2016

RANDOM THOUGHTS:  I had a thought a few minutes ago and so I thought I would just run it by you all and see what you think.

If a "MOTORCADE" by definition is a procession or parade of automobiles or other motor vehicles...and a "BARRICADE" is a defensive barrier hastily constructed, as in a street, to stop an enemy...then why isn't a "BEARICADE" by definition a procession or parade of bears or other bear like animals or a defensive sleuth of bears hastily brought in, as in a street, to stop an enemy???

My Own Town - 3/29/2016

RANDOM THOUGHTS:  I just thought of something so cool that I just had to share it with you all.  You are very advance.

As I was walking to get a cup of "wake me up" coffee...this thought...wonderful gift even, possibly even epiphany occurred to me.

If I ever become rich and I am able to buy my own town, I am promptly going to change the name to "Cognito."  Then whenever some asks me where I am, I can say...wait for it...a little longer...almost there, "Well, I am in-Cognito." that my friends...would be soooo cool.


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