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The Loving Thy Neighbor Thingy – 5/9/2010

Excerpted from PIECES OF MY HEART by David L. Wood.  Copyright © 2011 by David L. Wood. All rights reserved. No part of this excerpt may be reproduced or reprinted without permission in writing from the publisher, Healthy Life Press.

Only With God - 10/5/2012

dave_sun_300_300SHORT THOUGHTS:  On my own, I am so inadequate in so many areas of my life. I make mistakes, I stumble, I fall, I get up and repeat the process.

Who Do We Think We Are…Anyway??? - 10/10/2012

JOURNAL:  I think most of us have had times when we have been disappointed with God. A time when we felt like He let us down somehow. Maybe it was due to something we wanted so badly and prayed so hard for and then in the end, it did not happen. Or maybe it was due to something we didn't want to happen very badly and we prayed so hard that it would not, only to have it roll over us like a steam roller. Maybe it was a marriage or relationship that failed or never came to be.

King James Editor - 12/13/2012

RANDOM THOUGHTS:  So I think I have a "King James" editor on my android smart phone.  No kidding.  Denice and I have the exact same phone and only mine does this.

Almost every time I type in or swype in the word, "YOU," it will auto-correct it to "THOU."  It is the crazies thing and it drives me crazy.  How do I at least upgrade this to NIV?

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Dress for Success - 10/29/2012

SHORT THOUGHTS:  In the verses below, I find it interesting that it is totally our choice as to what we put on, how we will interact and ultimately, to what people will see. The verse is asking us to do something very specific, suggesting that we choose to put on these things, much like we choose our outfits before going out the door to work or school or wherever, dressing appropriately. And in that, the choice is still ours to “put on or not to put on”...or maybe to put on something else entirely different.

Sell...Buy...Pack? - 12/10/2012

RANDOM THOUGHTS:  This can't be a good sign for the company I work for. Should I buy...or sell...or pack a bag and move to the hills???

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Micron Stock Price

Smarter, Stronger and Wiser - 12/1/2012

SHORT THOUGHTS:  I am smarter, stronger and wiser because of all the many mistakes and failures I have had throughout my life. The positive did not grow out of the mistakes and failures on their own but grew because I chose to learn from those shortcomings. If I choose to, I am now able to see right through all my bologna excuses and know when I am trying to pull something over my head because of something I selfishly just want to do...David Wood

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A Batty Perspective - 10/31/2012

JOURNAL:  My wife, Denice, daughter, Kendra and I were the first to arrive at camp.  We had a slug of people from our Alpha group that meets at our church still coming up and we expected them all in the next few hours.  The ride up to Cascade, Idaho had been uneventful, but as we continued to the YWAM camp which is up above Cascade near Warm Lake, the color began to turn much whiter. 

Out of the Bag - 12/4/2012

JOURNAL:  I woke up at 4:30 this morning with these words on my mind.  ”The Cat is Out of the Bag.”  Yes, I know, deep, deep, thought for sure.  I thought it was a weird thing to wake up thinking and I tried to go back to sleep but the thought held strongly in my head.  I was like, ok God, what’s up with this?  He just smiled.

It soon became extremely clear to me that my mind was not going to let go of this thought any time soon and I would not be going back to sleep.   So I gave in and started thinking about this saying I had heard all my life. 

We Are Weak But He is Strong - 12/1/2012

JOURNAL:  There are so many examples in the Bible that show us that when we are weak, God is strong.  For starters, just look at who Jesus hung out with and who He chose to build the church on.  None of them would have been given a second look by the religious thinkers and powers that be of that day.  Actually, it is hard to find where God picked the best qualified to do anything when you read through the history in the Bible.  Even a donkey got into the action.  So what is our excuse in why we can't do things?


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