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MORE OF THE SAME - 1/6/2013

SHORT THOUGHTS:  If we don’t strive for higher and better things and require more and more from ourselves then we will surely reach the goal of, “more of the same.”   
David L. Wood 1/6/13

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Remaining in the Vine - 9/20/2012

Remaining in the VineSHORT THOUGHTS:  As I was walking through my office area this morning, I saw this plant that I have taken a picture of for you.  The dead leaves stuck out like a sore thumb as I walked by.  There were nice green leaves all along the vine but then there was this place where things did not look so nice.  In this place, one leaf was yellowing badly and not looking so good.  In a couple other places next to the yellow leaf

Almost the Real Thing - 12/24/2012

Two CoversJOURNAL:  At first I thought it was wonderful.  Opening the box I took them out and looked at them one by one and thought, "Wow, very nice" and I was very excited and pleased.  I looked at the front, the sides and the back carefully and really nothing stood out as being not as good as the original.

Three Classic Lines from Christmas 2012 - 12/26/2012

RANDOM THOUGHTS:  These were my three favorite lines from Christmas 2012.

12/24/12 - My niece Sara is reading the Christmas story to all of us and all the kids are gathered around her on the floor.  She gets to the part of the story where the Angels appear to the shepherds and tell them "do not be afraid."  At this point, Sara pauses and asks the kids if they would have been afraid???  When she gets to my five year old grandson Andrew, he says, "No, I would have my nunchucks!"  At that point, laughter broke out with one even having to leave the room to recover.

The Best Gift? 12/26/2012

RANDOM THOUGHTS:  Do you want to know what the best gift that you can give Jesus is??? It is you...your life and your love. This song talks about this very thing.  Listen to my song, Let Me Be a Gift to You, on Youtube below.

What Would a Carrot Eat? - 12/22/2012

RANDOM THOUGHTS:  What would a carrot eat to improve its eyesight?  I have never seen a carrot with glasses but I'm not sure if it's because they don't need glasses or because they are vain.

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End of a Cycle and Onion Thoughts - 12/21/2012

RANDOM THOUGHTS:  As we close out this Mayan calendar cycle I had a thought this morning. Actually, I had a few but this one seems to be forefront in my mind. "Do you think that if an Onion could smell its own breathe that it would want a breath mint...and in a related thought...if an Onion were to cut itself or fall down and skin it's knee, would it cry because it hurt or because it made it's eyes burn?"

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Judgement? - 12/18/2012

Psalm 127 (NIV1984)
Unless the Lord builds the house, its builders labor in vain. Unless the Lord watches over the city, the watchmen stand guard in vain.

As I have watched the direction our country is headed the past few years, this verse has come to mind over and over again. American has been overly blessed by God because we were founded in Him and for what we have stood for.

A Clear Vision – 12/18/2012

JOURNAL:  On my way to work yesterday morning, it began to drizzle a little.  It was not drizzling enough to be able to turn the wipers on even at the longest delay without getting that wiper scraping sound but enough that it required me to manually turn the wipers on randomly as needed.  This is the most annoying kind of rain to me. 

Mc What? – 11/25/2011

JOURNAL:  Last Sunday, my wife and I had gone to church. We went to the 2nd service and there were a lot of people moseying around. (disclaimer…”moseying” is in no way, meant to be an insinuation or suggest likeness in any way to the animal known as the “cow”. Any further thoughts in this direction would be of course, “utterly” ridiculous) Like normal, there was a good crowd by the coffee, hot chocolate and donuts area.


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