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A Choice - 4/15/2015

SHORT THOUGHTS:  We all have a choice to make.  Free will is exactly that...the right to choose.  With each choice we make, we reap the consequences of that it good or bad.  We are responsible in part for what our lives look like.  We have a say in how we mold our lives because of the gift of free will that God has given us all.

Angry Legs - 4/15/2015

RANDOM THOUGHTS:  My legs are not happy with me today.  They are saying mean and painful things to me, letting me know that they do not appreciate that I sprinted around the bases on Monday night.  (to circumvent any future comments from my fellow softball warriors: YES, I was actually sprinting AND I already have unhooked the trailer)  Anyway, if my legs were like lizard tails, I believe they would break off in revolt today and I would have to grow new ones.  Just saying.

Carry on,

Finding Faith – 4/9/2015

SHORT THOUGHTS:  Do you feel like you lack faith?  What is faith?  How do you get faith?  You can't find it on eBay or Craigslist and I have looked for it at the Christian book store and they are not selling it.  I have even been watching all the TV ads and so far, there no "faith pill" or buy one set of faith and get a second set free for only seven easy payments of $9.99.  So how exactly do we get this faith stuff anyway?

Give and Take – 4/7/2015

Give and TakeJOURNAL:  As I was leaving work yesterday, my friend, Larry, told me that he would be in late the next day.  He said he had to go to the dentist to get some final work done on a crown and added, “There’s a thousand dollars down the drain!”  I replied, “Yes, but not for the dentist.”  Then as I was leaving I shared with him the thought that popped into my head.  “One man’s drain is another man’s

The Great Conductor – 4/3/2015

JOURNAL:  Last night, my wife, Denice, and I went and watch, "No Greater Love.”  I cannot even tell you how many years we have been meaning to go see this production of the life of Jesus.  This local church has been putting on this production for the past thirty four years.  We were invited this year by my "red headed" daughter, Kelsey, her boyfriend, Andrew, and this year it happened.

Seeking and Finding – 3/23/2015

SHORT THOUGHTS:  What are you seeking in this life?  What are you finding?  If you don't like what you see when you check out the view, then start looking for something else that you would rather find.

In my experience in life so far, I have found that I usually find what I look for.  If I look for the bad, I will surely easily find it.  And if I look for the good, it is all around me.  Both are there and always have been all the time.  It is a matter of what I choose to seek...what I look for. 

A Grizzly Business Deal - 3/21/2015

a grizzly business deal

Last night, in the black of night (scary music plays), I woke up with a thought on my mind.  Now you would think it would be a very important thought if my mind woke me up in the middle of the night to share it with me.  And indeed, it was.

Inside Stuff – 3/20/2015

SHORT THOUGHTS:  It is not what we see on the outside that matters.  It is who we are on the inside and what we are made of that contain our true character, integrity and quality…who we really are.

Looks may fade and wrinkles appear.  Hair may recede and gray.  Waist lines may expand and strength diminish.  Vision may dim and hearing fade but who we are underneath it all…that soul under everything we hide behind…remains the same.

Walking Through the Fear – 3/18/2015

JOURNAL:  I cannot let the fear of what might go wrong…keep me from the excitement and possibility of what might go right.  I cannot let the walls that I have built, made out of fears, doubt and the unknown, hold me back from all that God has for me.  I must move forward…always, no matter what.  I must take a step, even if it is only one.  I must refuse to stay the same.  I must choose to grow.

Old Ways…New Ways – 3/10/2015

SHORT THOUGHTS:  Some new ways are better than my old ways.  The way I have always done things may not always be the best way and I must to be ready and willing to change and grow if I find something that is truly better.  I need to be willing to break out of a mold because often, it is God that is directing the mold breaking session.


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