Holding On or Letting Go – 12/1/2016

SHORT THOUGHTS:  Not all things are meant to be held together as they might have always been.  Sometimes we have to let things go and let things become whatever they become.

We may want and see something a certain way in our lives but that does not mean what we see and want is what is best.  Sometimes God’s best for us looks very difference…wait…almost always…God’s best for us looks very different than what we think it should look like.

The Things We Do For Our Kids - 11/17/2015

RANDOM THOUGHTS:  It is really crazy what we will do for our kids.

Tonight, my daughter, Shelby, who has been under the weather recently, got me to eat a clove of garlic.


RANDOM THOUGHTS:  So this morning after coming in and filling up my water bottle, I promptly knocked it over and tried unsuccessfully to catch it and it ended up clanking (metal) a couple times on it's way to falling off my desk and into my garbage can.  When this happened, I had headphones on and was listening to the news.  While I continued listening to the news, I began to clean up the little bit of water that had spilled along with some of my tea that I spilled trying to not let my water bottle spill.

Becoming What We Following – 10/21/2016

SHORT THOUGHTS:  Psalm 115:2-8 were the verses from my reading this morning in my closet time.  There were more verses after this and one before but I just kind of stopped reading like there was a stop sign when I got to these.  Then I read them again and maybe even again and absorbed them.

The last verse just spoke so loudly to my soul.  We become like our idols.  Likewise, my logic tells me that the concept is also true that when we follow God, we begin to look more and more like a son or daughter of our Loving Father.

GOD IS THERE – 9/16/16

Ps94SHORT THOUGHTS:  We all go through hard times in this thing we  But we never go through them alone.  Oh, we may think we are alone for sure but truth is...God is right there, going through our hard times and all other times with us.  His presence is with us always.  When we feel we are all alone, it is not because God is not there.  What is missing is our awareness...our ability to see and notice God right there all around us, in

PROVING MY LOVE - 9/5/2016

JOURNAL THOUGHTS:  Sometimes in life, there are these special important moments...moments that really count...appointments with destiny even.  Tonight was one of those moment.

The Blind Guy

Sometimes you notice something in normal, everyday life that get people talking.  This is such an event.

The Blind GuyRANDOM UPDATE:  Something you don't see every day...a blind guy driving a truck on the freeway.

Carry on,


Brad Lloyd - That's why they put the raised reflectors on the center is braille for blind drivers.

Does It Get Any Better Than This - 8/13/2016

Does It Get Any BetterRANDOM THOUGHTS:  A man, his dog, reclining in a chair in Cascade, Idaho.  Does it get any better than this? would be better if I had my wife with me here.
And...if all six of my girls were here.
And...if all seven of my grandkids were here.
And...if I had three large pizzas, half Canadian bacon, half pepperoni and sausage.

NOT FRIENDS - 8/12/2016

RANDOM THOUGHTS:  4am...we are not friends.  To be truthful, I really don't like you very much at all.  In all of my 55 years on this earth, I do not ever remember a time that I have been glad to see you when you when I saw you face to face.  In fact, it is always just the opposite and I always wish you would just go away.

All of Us - 7/19/2012

SHORT THOUGHTS:  EVERYONE deals with good and bad things in life...everyone. It is how we respond to those things that matters.  Our response to what life brings our way is what we are in full control of and is what will make us into who we are and who we will become in the future.

God, help us to face life head on, to see clearly and to choose wisely, staying close to You, our strength and our shield.

Carry on,


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