Magically Delicious - 2/20/13

RANDOM THOUGHTS:  So the theme for Lucky Charms cereal just went through my mind. As it went by, it said, "They are magically delicious." That got me wondering about them being "magically delicious." Why is that, would they not be good if magic were not involved? Without the magic making them delicious would they maybe taste like...dirt or perhaps tofu? Something valuable to think about for sure.


Don't Get Hysterical - 2/19/2013

RANDOM THOUGHTS:  Last night I used the word, “hysterical” in a sentence or maybe it was just in my mind…who knows for sure these days.  Then it hit me, why is it only “his-terical” for a man or a woman being very upset and not “her-sterical” for a woman and his-terical for a man?

This line of thinking made me wonder further.  Was this man’s sneaky way of taking credit for all of these things or woman’s way of blaming man for it without him knowing it?  And so I continued to see what other valuable information was there to be gleaned from this line of thinking.

A Brush with Death - 2/18/2013

RANDOM THOUGHTS:  If you are brushing your teeth while you are brushing out your hair and slip on some water from your shower and fall flat on your back narrowly missing falling on an bed of nails someone left on your bathroom floor...have you all reality had...a "brush with death???"


A Poor Reflection - 4/19/2012

A Poor Reflection PictureJOURNAL:  It was just a typical morning, similar in most ways and appearances to most mornings when I have to go to work.  I have my normal routine and I was making it happen just like I normally do.  Sometimes my routine includes pom-poms, sometimes a great pair of tights and sometimes some flags, a baton or a spinning rifle.  Today I was just doing it with no props since it was Thursday and

Idle Threat Thoughts (I.T.T.) - 2/3/2013

JOURNAL THOUGHTS:  I was talking to Denice this morning and the phrase, "Idle Threat" came up.  (Yes, she was threatening my life once again...ha)  Anyway, that got me thinking about that phrase while I was watching my back and wondering where it came from among other things.

That phrase seems to refer to something you are saying but have no intention of doing.  Like when you hear someone say, "I'm going to rip your arm off and beat you with the bloody stump" or "I'm going to beat you within an inch of your life" and other fun stuff like that.

You Know - 2/2/2013

SHORT THOUGHTS:  You know you are finally starting to mature and grow up when you quit blaming all your struggles and problems on everyone else and instead start taking responsibility for your life and your choices. Then and only then can you start moving forward and start making real progress.

Feeling a Little Edgy - 1/15/2013

JOURNAL:  The view was spectacular as I sat looking off the second story balcony of my hotel.  All the rooms faced the ocean and looked off the cliff down to the beach.  People went to and fro walking and running in the sand and in the distance to my left there was a pier and you could see little dots in the water that were actually surfers.  It was a very surreal and the view combined with the steady sound of the ocean waves coming in and going

A Perspective Made of Tears - 1/26/2013

JOURNAL:  Today, we have a balmy high of 39 degrees in Boise, Idaho and tomorrow it will be 42!!!  I am soooo (4 “o's”) excited.  I know you are wondering what I am all excited about. 

What Do You Need? - 1/9/2013

SHORT THOUGHTS:  What do you need today?  Not what do you "want" but what do you really "need?"  There is a big difference between the two though some people never see it.  What is it that will truly satisfy you all the way to your innermost being? 

Who's Leading - 1/6/2013

SHORT THOUGHTS:  I know God will meet me in all areas that HE is leading me in. And “I” meet me in all the areas that HE is not leading me in. And therein lies the problem. I need to be better at finding and following only the ways that HE is leading me.

Thoughts?  Comments?


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