This Old Guitar 1/27/2016

This Old GuitarJOURNAL:  Last Sunday afternoon, I watched football to see who would make it into the super-bowl while I worked on an old friend.  I set up a table in the middle of my living room, laid out a towel, took my old friend off the wall and laid him gently down on his back for the procedure.

Just Waiting - 1/12/2016

SHORT THOUGHTS:  In the midst of the pain that comes with this life, there is still lots of happiness and joy to be found if we work on the things we "can" change and lay down the things we cannot.  If we refuse to allow the bad to make us miss all the blessings that are still here right in front of our faces, we will begin to see that happiness and joy are still all around us...just waiting for us to notice them.

Carry on,

Don’t Bother Looking - 1/9/2016

RANDOM THOUGHTS:  Today, I went to Sportsman's Warehouse with my son inlaw, Casey.  While we were there, we thought we would look at some of their camo gear.  We took a look around and I was amazed at their lack of seasonal camo merchandise.

I was so disappointed, I took a couple of pictures of where it should have been so you could see for yourself this monstrous merchandising failure. (M.M.F.)

If you are looking for camo gear, don't bother looking there because you certainly will not find it.

Carry on,

Morning Conversation - 1/21/2016

RANDOM THOUGHTS:  This morning as I was getting ready to leave for work, I became more aware to something I already knew. I just noticed again and it made me smile that every time I talk to Peanut Butter Wood, her tail will start to wag. That logically made me think about the difference between dogs and cats.


SHORT THOUGHTS:  Some practical advice from the Psalms today

When I read through these verses, I especially like the visual I see in my mind of hiding God's word in my heart and again, like in Jeremiah 29:13, seeking God with all your heart.  They are acts of our will...something WE can choose to do.

We or...I, at least, have hidden and hide way too many things in my heart that do not belong there and have sought and seek ways and things that lead me into trouble or just as bad...just lead to no where.

A Straight Path - 11/5/2015

SHORT THOUGHTS:  Are you having issues with crooked paths?  I have had plenty of "crooked path" issues throughout my life.

Looking back over my life with 20/20 hindsight, it seems to turn out that my crooked path times were always when I thought I knew something that I did not and upon closer inspection, I found that I was only  That has never proved to be a great combo...EVER!!!  Without God to lead and guide me...I am surely lost.


SHORT THOUGHTS:  Here are some great focus verses for today and every day.  As I recalled these verses in my head this morning, I was reminded of a quote I heard a while ago that at the time, stuck in me like an arrow as simply...truth.  But it is life giving truth that we sometimes forget and need to remind ourselves of again and re-remember from time to time because this life here on earth can get pretty dog gone rough.

The quote goes something like, "We are not in the land of the living and moving towards the land of the is the other way around."

An Avid Hunter – 10/20/2015

JOURNAL:  I am not an “Avid” hunter.  In fact, I am not much of a hunter at all.  I have gone hunting before once that I remember many, many moons ago but there was no danger of me actually getting anything.  It was apparent to me on that trip that God made my feet way too big to hunt.  Every time I took a step, I broke sticks, crunched leaves or kicked rocks.  I found it impossible to not make a ton of noise while walking through the woods in big boots.

Good Friends and Conversation - 10/10/2015

SharonRANDOM THOUGHTS:  In this picture, is Sharon, who is a good friend​ of my wife, Denice and mine.  On Saturday, Denice and I attended the wedding of some other good friends, Erik​ and Katie​'s daughter, Hailey​.  It was a beautiful wedding and was made even better because of running into Sharon along with even more friends, Breck, Nina​ and Dixie​.

The Unexpected Guest - 9/13/2015

JOURNAL:  This morning, I was given...and somehow passed a great unexpected test.

If you have read my story, "Spider Defense" or if you are my wife or a close friend, you may know that I have adopted a new approach to spiders...when I find them in my house.  In general, I have been this way with most insects I find in my house for some time...and with wolf spiders for a long, long time.


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