USUZI...MESUZI - 7/1/2015

RANDOM THOUGHTS:  Having to drive in a construction area every day that slows traffic to a crawl, allows me to see things I might miss otherwise.  Today, I saw just such a thing.

I had a little ISUZU truck behind me.  Since the "S" and "Z" are virtually the same style lettering in the name, just reversed, it said something to me when I looked in my mirror.  It said, "USUZI."  I thought, what?  I am Suzi?  Could this be true?  All these years I had never been called Suzi by another vehicle but here while slowing all the traffic life down, it had happened.

Down in My Heart – 6/29/2015

JOURNAL:  The integration of God’s Word into our lives is a tough thing.  But I believe that God calls us to exactly that…His truth changing our very lives.  It is not a natural thing for us but rather a supernatural thing for us…done with God’s help.

The Softball Prayer - 6/15/2015


THE SOFTBALL PRAYER:  Dear Lord, as you know I have a softball game at 7:45 tonight.  Currently the car says that it is 91 degrees outside.  I'm just letting You know in advance that I'm on board if You would like to drop the temperature to the low eighties and/or maybe bring in a nice cloud cover.

Deal with It - 6/11/2015

RANDOM THOUGHTS:  I saw this sign at a restaurant that my wife and I ate dinner at on Tuesday and it made me smile.  I am considering saying this comment to anyone who whines or brings up a problem today.  I just can't decide for sure if I want this to be my last day at my job or not.

Carry on,

Skating Away – 6/9/2015

JOURNAL:  Sometimes, we just don’t realize when something is not a good idea.  At the time, in your head, it seems like a great idea…but then when plugged into real life…not so much.  Such a time was my experience last year when I found my daughter’s skateboard calling out to me in the garage.

Rooting for the Good Guy – 6/9/2015

JOURNAL:  In my front yard, my wife, Denice, and I have a tree with a planter around it.  It has some very pretty lily flowers in it that have come up the past two years.  We did not plant them but rather, they were already planted here when we moved into this house.  We just get to enjoy their beauty.  But along with their beauty, there is also something else that comes up along with them that are not nearly as pretty.  Yes, I am speaking of the ever present, sprouting and tenacious weeds.

A Needle in a Haystack - 6/7/2015

RANDOM THOUGHTS:  It is not very often that I wish I was 2 or 4 inches shorter. But when I am at Costco and looking through the huge piles of pants in search of the illusive 34x34, I have had a moment or two.

I think there is a 100:1 ratio of 34x32 and 34x30 to 34x34. It may actually be a much, much higher ratio than needle in a haystack, kind of ratio...but I am trying to remain optimistic.

Mom's Fifth Anniversary - 6/5/2015

SHORT THOUGHTS:  It's been five years now...five years since I lost the one that brought me into this world.  Losing a mom is a unique loss it seems to me.  Losing the one that has been there your whole life and was your gateway into this life.  In some ways, the loss seems like yesterday and in other ways it seems like forever ago.

A Bright Idea - 6/3/2015

SHORT THOUGHTS:  As a child, I was so bright, my dad use to call me son.  Now, as a Christian, I have the privilege to again be called, “a son” by my Heavenly Father.  Not because I am so great and wonderful and not because of my brightness.  It’s actually not because of anything that I have done but only because of what has been done for me on the cross when Jesus made a way for one such as me.  Thank you Jesus!!!

So with that great news, here is a verse for you today with a bright idea inside.

Carry on,

Peanut Predicament - 5/28/2015

RANDOM THOUGHTS:  So I had this question come into my mind today and I thought I would run it by you all and get your opinion.

So lets say that there is a very large shipment of peanuts that have been stolen.  There is a lot of public pressure and a huge outcry about this because...well...people like peanuts for heavens sake.  And all of this pressure and outcry is driving the police nu...I mean...crazy.


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