Knock, Knock...Who's There? - 7/5/2012

DoorJOURNAL:  I heard a comedian many years ago run through a routine that I would call, "Alice Doesn't Live Here Anymore."   I do not remember who it was but for some reason it struck me as very funny and has stuck with me all these years and I expect it to stick with me all the way to heaven.  I will probably do it for whoever picks me up when I die and they will most likely roll their eyes, mutter under their angel breath and wonder, "Why me?"

Burnt Toast – 2/16/2012

JOURNAL:  I pushed the lever down and went on with my morning routine.   As I prepared my lunch for the day and got my coffee ready for the ride to work, my toast was busy getting its tan on.  I had already fed my dog, Peanut and was waiting expectantly for my toast to pop up.  But for some reason, it was not popping up.  WHY WAS IT NOT POPPING UP???  All of sudden, my mind smashed the glass and hit the panic button located at the top and to the left of my frontal lobe.  The message was clear… it had been too long…way, way, too long.

What's Your Peeve? - 9/20/2013

JOURNAL:  I have always wanted to get a pet and name him, “Peeve” just for the fun of it.  Maybe Peeve would be a goldfish or a hamster or maybe even a gerbil.  A fluffy rabbit or a monkey might even do or even a rhinoceros.  I guess the kind of pet Peeve would be is really not that important, just being able to name him, “Peeve” is.  I can see it all so clearly in my head now.  Oh my gosh, is that a rhino?  Yes, yes it is.  Holy cow, how cool.  What’s his name?  Oh, that’s Peeve.  Did you say, Peeve?

A Word to the Wise – 7/17/2013

JOURNAL:  If someone calls you a "wise man," that's a compliment...but if someone calls you a "wise guy," it is not a compliment.  Now you are perhaps perceived as a smart aleck or maybe even a gangster or mobster.  Both start with "wise" and reference the male gender.  But somehow the spelling of that gender really matters.  Hmm.  So let's continue on with this line of thinking and see where it goes.

Putting It On - 7/11/2013

JOURNAL:  I was thinking about some things this morning.  As I was going through my memory verses, I was running through some verses from Ephesians 2 and the part about us being God’s handiwork stood out in my mind.  And then further that we were specifically made by God through Jesus to do good things that were already prepared for us before we were even doing them.

The Offense on the Fence - 6/1/2011

JOURNAL:  There I was, taking a walk with my wife in our neighborhood like I had done many times before.  But on the way back home, something was different.  I noticed a fence that had been broken apart in several places.  The first two places were small with only a few pickets knocked off but the last place was much, much larger.  It appeared to me that a car had probably hit some ice on the road and spun off striking t

Follow Da Momma - 6/9/2013

JOURNAL:  Recently, my wife, my dog and I were all sitting on a blanket in a park near our house called, "DeMeyer Park."  We have our house up for sale and we needed to vacate the premises for a while so a realtor could show some people our property.

Half Cap Mishap - 5/28/2013

JOURNAL:  Recently I rode my motorcycle to work.  The weather has been getting nicer, actually warming to about ten degrees above normal.  This put the morning ride in the 50's and the afternoon ride home in the mid 80's.  That is absolutely the perfect weather if you ask me.  And yes, I know you didn't but still...if you did.

Floppy Bags - 5/7/2013

JOURNAL:  Hello, my name is David Wood and I use to have floppy bags.  Sometimes, I just think it is best to come right out and put it all on the table right up front.  Then the elephant in the room is out in the open and you can only move forward from that point on.   The ice has been broken and progress can now be made.

Papa Loves You - 5/2/2013

JOURNAL:  This morning I went through my normal routine.  I woke up to my alarm, unplugged my phone and went into the bathroom.  Then I went back out and picked up my dog, Peanut's bed, with her inside it, like I do every morning and brought her in the bathroom with me.  She tends to not sleep much once I get up so to keep her from waking up my wife, I just take her with me to remove the chance of that.  Peanut will usually sleep, then wake up to


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