The Source of Course - 10/5/2014

The Source of CourseJOURNAL:  God often shows me something in the simplest things in life.  And so it was again last week while getting ready for work.

I have a little routine I run in the morning while getting ready to leave for work.  I do all my bathroom events and after the scores come in from the judges, I move on to the kitchen floor events.  This is where God decided to teach me that day.

A Time to Learn – 9/24/2014

JOURNAL THOUGHTS:  Is there a purpose in the hard times?  Yes, I think there is. 

Immovable Truth - 9/15/2014

SHORT THOUGHTS:  As we are continually being told by the media and our culture what we should think, what we should accept, how we should act and what we should do, remember these words.

Cultures come and cultures go.  Their views change with a whim, a toss of the sea, a change in the wind.  They shift this way and that way to match whatever the most popular view decides is "right" for now...until they decide it is not anymore.

Molding in the Valley - 9/9/2014

JOURNAL:  When I look back over my life, as far back as I can see, I can surely see one thing.  Ok, maybe a couple things.  First thing I see for sure is that I have made a lot of mistakes along the way.  Next, it is those very mistakes, the hard times, the troubles and trials that God has used to mold me the most significantly into who I am today.  God used them all to tear down, break, make and mold me into a different form of myself.  And the process continues over and over and will continue until the metamorphosis is complete.

A Better Time to Come – 9/3/2014

SHORT THOUGHTS:  With all the unsettling news in media these days, you just have to wonder what in the world is happening to this place we call "earth" where we live.  It seems like everywhere you look, things are in turmoil or at least that is what we are shown in the media.   Free will choices have allowed us to make quite a mess of things for sure.  Turning away from God and going our own way has consequences, there is no doubt.  Without Him...we are just lost.

The Construction of Life – 9/2/2014

JOURNAL:  The spring and fall are my most favorite times to ride my motorcycle.  The weather is mild during these times of the year.  Yes, it is a little chillier in the morning but usually just perfect in the afternoons.  My perfect temperature to ride is when it is in the low 80’s.  It is at that temperature that I feel is at my “Goldilocks” temperature.  What is that you ask?  Ok, I’ll tell you.  Not too hot…not too cold…ah, just right.

Spider Defense - 8/31/2014

JOURNAL:  A few mornings ago, I got up to get ready for work like normal.  But this was not to be a normal morning.  As I walked into the bathroom and turned on the light, I immediately noticed a medium sized spider in my sink.

Make it Count - 7/29/2014

SHORT THOUGHTS:  There have always been songs in my life that have grabbed on to me.  You know, ones that seem to fit exactly what you are going though or how you feel about something.

Even as an adult, this still happens to me and below is one of those songs.  Every time I watch this video I am opened up wide emotionally it seems and many life memories go through my head from losing my son and other precious people in my life to unresolved issues in relationships that still exist today.

A Tale of Two Tails - 7/27/2014

JOURNAL:  As I was eating oatmeal at the kitchen table this morning, I looked over at a box that my wife, Denice had put on the table while she was taking inventory of her doTerra oils.  On the box it read, "Retail."  As I looked and read that word, this thought came to mind.  RE + TAIL = to put a tail back on again.  This logically and pragmatically led to me obviously to seeing a picture of Eeyore in my mind.

New Things - 7/24/2014

SHORT THOUGHTS:  GOD is working in the desert of our lives.  Whether we see it or not, He is still there.  Where we see sand and prickly cactus, He see's life and flowing streams of water to refresh and renew your soul.

We can only see where we are right now, this day, this moment.  But God sees way past all that and on to where we will be when this page or perhaps, chapter is written.


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