Come Hither Heather – 2/19/2015

JOURNAL:  On the way to work this morning, I was listening to Adrian Rogers on the radio.  He was speaking about the miracle in John 6 where Jesus fed the five thousand with only five small barley loaves of bread and two small fish.  He talked about how Jesus asked Phillip, “Where shall we buy bread for these people to eat?”  And how He asked him this question only to test him as Jesus already knew what He was going to feed them all and that they would end up with a basket of leftovers for all the disciples when

The Road Less Traveled – 2/19/2015

the_road_less_traveledJOURNAL:  There is currently a lot of construction all along my commute to work.  The exit I get off to go to work is being completely revamped…or would that be re-ramped. Anyway…lots of construction and lanes moving all over the place on any given day.

Being the Body – 2/10/2015

JOURNAL:  Show of hands:  How many people know that Jesus is the head of the church and that WE are the Body of Christ?  Yes, I see that hand.  Uh-huh…and you and you.  It sounds very cool doesn’t it?  I think most Christians know this concept.  It sounds nicer than the Shepherd and sheep analogy since everyone I have heard using that analogy always reminds us that sheep are not very smart.  But a body is much, much smarter than a sheep.  Even though most Christians know this concept, do you think they “really” grasp the significance in what “THE BODY OF CHRIST” means?

The Door of Our Heart – 2/3/2015

SHORT THOUGHTS:  Many things and people knock on the door of our heart throughout our lives.  There is One knocking however, that has been there consistently your whole life.  The One who loves you the most and knows you the best will never force His way in.  He is knocking and waiting for the moment that you choose to open the door of your heart and invite Him inside.  And when you do will never be the same.  Once you do begins.  Once you do this…you have finally found what you have always been searching for.

Carry on,

Happily Every After - 2/5/2015

JOURNAL:  Marriage is one of the hardest relationships that there is.  The fairytale illusion of "And they lived happily ever after" is an unhelpful, deceiving lie.

Throughout my life, I have met a lot of people who believe this fairytale to generally be true.  I have had someone actually say to me something like, if people love each other, they should not have to work on anything...that good things should just happen.  But frankly that is just a big bunch of hooey hogwash.

NOTHING - 1/19/2015

SHORT THOUGHTS:  Fantastic words of truth for today and every day.  Nothing can separate us from the love that God has for us...NOTHING!  We might get mad at God, distance ourselves from Him and/or quit loving Him but His love for us never never fails.  Never forget that!

And with that bit of great news...have a great week!!!

Carry on,

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Choices…Choices…Choices – 1/8/2015

JOURNAL:  There is a saying that goes like this:  “Just because you can…doesn’t mean you should.”  This short sentence contains great truth if we care to look for it.  To me, it makes me think of things like, “Stop and think,” “Proceed with caution,” “Possible curves ahead,” “Look before you leap,” or even "Dead end!"  These are all good sayings that contain wisdom and are smart ways to think as you approach big life decisions.

Our Story – 12/30/2014

JOURNAL:  Whether we like it or not, we are writing our life story.  Right now, this day, this moment we are adding another word, another line, another page, maybe even another chapter. We have been writing this story our whole lives, probably not even realizing it.  From the time we were born, the story began and continues to this very second.

Over the years we have written quite a lot of chapters filled with memories. Some of those memories are neutral, some are good, some are probably not so good and the rest are just sprinkled all around those spectrums.

A.S.K. – 12/18/2014

SHORT THOUGHTS:  God wants us to be proactive in our prayers to Him.  Even though He knows the words before they are on our tongue (Psalm 139:4), He still wants us to communicate with be in interactive relation with Him.  He wants us to talk to Him and thank Him for all He does, is doing and has done for us and ask Him for the things that are important to us and/or are heavy on our hearts.  He simply wants us to talk to Him.

Yes, No, Maybe So – 12/15/2014

SHORT THOUGHTS:  We all love the answer “YES” to prayer.  But even though we don’t like it as much, we must remember that “NO” and “NOT NOW” are also answers to prayer.  It is all a matter of trusting the One that loves us the most and knows us the best.

Consider this: In looking back over your life, how thankful are you for all of the times that God did NOT answer your prayer...all the times He did NOT give you what you were asking for?  I, personally, am very thankful. How that would have messed up my life good.


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