Putting a Lid on It - 3/11/2016

RANDOM THOUGHTS:  So last night, on the eve of my 55th birthday, as normal, right before bed, I used the restroom.

As I was "sitting" there and finishing up, just minding my own business...I leaned.  When I did, there was a fairly loud snap and everything in life suddenly shifted.  Luckily, upon inspection and to my great relief, the snap was not my spine, hip, collarbone or any other important part of my body.  What is was, was my toilet seat.

Something to Ponder - 2/1/2016

RANDOM THOUGHTS:  This morning I typed the word, ponder.  I have used this word many times in my life but revealed itself more personally to me.  It occurred to me in a epiphany...that this is the true definition of the word.

Ponder:  To think about something deeply while walking near or around a pond.

Yes, it is true...Ponder is the joining as one of pond and wander.  In mathematic form, it is...pond + wander = ponder.

You are all very welcome in advance.

Don’t Bother Looking - 1/9/2016

RANDOM THOUGHTS:  Today, I went to Sportsman's Warehouse with my son inlaw, Casey.  While we were there, we thought we would look at some of their camo gear.  We took a look around and I was amazed at their lack of seasonal camo merchandise.

I was so disappointed, I took a couple of pictures of where it should have been so you could see for yourself this monstrous merchandising failure. (M.M.F.)

If you are looking for camo gear, don't bother looking there because you certainly will not find it.

Carry on,

Morning Conversation - 1/21/2016

RANDOM THOUGHTS:  This morning as I was getting ready to leave for work, I became more aware to something I already knew. I just noticed again and it made me smile that every time I talk to Peanut Butter Wood, her tail will start to wag. That logically made me think about the difference between dogs and cats.

Good Friends and Conversation - 10/10/2015

SharonRANDOM THOUGHTS:  In this picture, is Sharon, who is a good friend​ of my wife, Denice and mine.  On Saturday, Denice and I attended the wedding of some other good friends, Erik​ and Katie​'s daughter, Hailey​.  It was a beautiful wedding and was made even better because of running into Sharon along with even more friends, Breck, Nina​ and Dixie​.

Snap, Crackle and Pop – 9/3/2015

RANDOM THOUGHTS:  I am finding that getting older is much like getting ready to eat one of my favorite cereals as a kid and even now sometime as an adult.

IVLS - 8/4/2015

RANDOM THOUGHTS:  I am having an issue with my left thigh that I will name, "Irritating Vibrating Leg Syndrome" or IVLS.  This must be brought on by running because I have not had it while I was on break from softball between summer and fall season.  But now after last nights game...buzzzz...there is is again.  This is what is happening.

Too Many Tracks - 7/11/2015

RANDOM THOUGHTS:  This is how many days go in my life.  You might even classify it as "typical."

Lately, I have been noticing some crabgrass trying to make headway into the edges of my lawn.  Areas of general broad-leaf have also been making their move, quietly popping up here and there while trying to lay low and stay inconspicuous.  So today, I set out to counter all their progress of late.

Man vs. Machine - 7/7/2015

Fence2.jpgRANDOM THOUGHTS:  Oh the irony of life.  Yesterday I shared a story on Facebook where the life example came from a fence that had been busted up where Denice and I use to take our walks when we lived in Boise.  When I got home last night, this is what my fence at my house looked like.

USUZI...MESUZI - 7/1/2015

RANDOM THOUGHTS:  Having to drive in a construction area every day that slows traffic to a crawl, allows me to see things I might miss otherwise.  Today, I saw just such a thing.

I had a little ISUZU truck behind me.  Since the "S" and "Z" are virtually the same style lettering in the name, just reversed, it said something to me when I looked in my mirror.  It said, "USUZI."  I thought, what?  I am Suzi?  Could this be true?  All these years I had never been called Suzi by another vehicle but here while slowing all the traffic life down, it had happened.


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