A Sticky Situation - 12/12/2014

RANDOM THOUGHTS:  So last night, I saw a roll of clear packing tape on the dining table that my daughter, Shelby , had used to repack something.  She had just gotten home from her nanny job and was in the shower.  I, for some unknown reason, got the idea to put a pieces of tape across the bathroom door frame.  When she came out of the shower, I was in the living room but heard the pop of the tape as she walked into it and then for some unknown reason, started yelling MY name and making unfounded accusations. Hmm.

The Creation of Friday - 11/21/2014

RANDOM THOUGHTS:   And God said, "Let there be Friday"...*deep booming voice with a little reverb of course*.   Then He picked up Thursday and Saturday and separated them *sucking sound*.  In the gaping space between them...*wind howling*...He placed Friday *loud thud heard*.  Then God said, "IT...IS...GOOD!!!"  Amen and amen.

A Grape Life - 11/20/2014

RANDOM THOUGHTS:  I was really hoping to age like fine wine. But often when I look in the mirror and see who is staring back at me, I'm not sure I am successfully hitting that goal. I do seem to be on a related track though.

Instead of being like grapes aging into fine wine I am closer to grapes turning into raisins. Not as glamorous but still de-vine.

Carry on,

David L. Wood 11/20/2014 ©
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No Memo, No Vote - 11/12/14

RANDOM THOUGHTS:  Last week, we had a high of close to 70 degrees and a low close to 50 degrees.  Today, our high will be 33 degrees and our low and current temperature is 17 degrees.

I do not remember getting a memo on this or voting for such a thing.

This global warming is really starting to get on my nerves or rather, freeze all my nerves and so not cool...oh wait...maybe it is.

Carry on,

Shivering David

Mixing it Up - 10/28/2014

bamato_tonanaRANDOM THOUGHTS:  This morning on my break as I was eating my tomato and marginal banana, I had a thought. (Yes, I know you have told me about that)

Anyway, I was wondering if it would be possible to cross-breed a banana and tomato into one nutritious snack.  And if it were possible, What would we want to call it?

Getting What You Paid For - 10/27/2014

Evaporated MilkRANDOM THOUGHTS:  So I bought this can of evaporate milk yesterday.  But when I got home and opened it up for some yummy deliciousness, it was completely empty.  I was like, "No way!"  Just imagine my disappointment.  Ok, are you done?  Pretty sad huh?

So I took it back to get my money back or exchange.  But they told me I got exactly what I paid for...milk that had evaporated.

The Perfect Cup - 10/14/2014

The Perfect CupRANDOM THOUGHTS:  Today, God, yes, the Creator of the heavens and the earth...the One who strung the stars in the sky and numbered every hair on my little head...directed me to the awesome find of the perfect coffee cup.

An Interesting Day - 10/14/2014

RANDOM THOUGHTS:  Last night, my every 6 hour alarm went off at 4am.  I woke to see if Denice 's foot was in any pain so as to stay ahead of the pain if there was any.  Good news...Denice was not in pain and opted out of more meds.  That's an improvement.

Linquish Comes First - 7/27/2014

RANDOM THOUGHTS:  This evening, I told my wife to pick out a show that she wanted to watch.  We had been watching an intense series and needed to change it up a bit.  She said she would if  I would relinquish the controls.  I told her I would have to "linquish" the controls first before I could re-linquish them to her.  Sometimes in this life, you just have to draw a line and stand your ground.  After my big stand, I gave her the remote.

Carry on,

P.B.W. Beliefs - 7/21/2014

RANDOM THOUGHTS:  My dog, Peanut Butter Wood, is teaching me some things about life. These are a few things she strongly believes.

1.  When you are happy to see someone, you should immediately roll over onto your back so they can rub your belly.

2.  When you get back on all fours, if possible, you should try to lick their face at least once.


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