Heavy - 6/29/2014

RANDOM THOUGHTS:  My wife, Denice and one of my daughters, Billi, just bought this heavy whipping cream at Walmart.  I found out they were not kidding about the "heavy" as it took four of us (two on each side) to carry it from the back of the car to the refrigerator.  Make sure to get a carry out if you buy this.

Carry on,

Dead as a Doornail - 6/30/2014

RANDOM THOUGHTS:  So yesterday, my wife, Denice said something that made me proud...but then I felt a little, tiny bit guilty.

Auto Pilot Issues - 6/11/2014

RANDOM THOUGHTS:  I had a very scattered morning it seems. I have some things on my mind this morning and so I was very much in auto-pilot as I did my morning routine getting ready for work.

Consumer Alert - 5/20/2014

tillamookRANDOM THOUGHTS:  CONSUMER ALERT:  I just had some Tillamook "extra sharp" cheddar cheese.  As you can see, it was in fact so "extra sharp" that I accidentally cut off my pointing finger while trying to eat it.  Who would have thunk it???  Be careful and be safe.

Carry on,

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Derm Talk - 5/21/2014

RANDOM THOUGHTS:  Has anyone ever seen or come across a "derm" all by itself?  I have never seen it myself so I am carrying (very heavy) the view that you will only come across a "pack-of-derm."  For that matter, what about "keets?"  Why do you never just see one?  When is the last time you heard someone say, "Hey, did you see that beautiful keet?"  No, for some reason you only see them, just like Noah's ark, in pairs. There is something very strange going on here.

Big Snore - 5/20/2014

Peanut Butter WoodRANDOM THOUGHTS:  This is Peanut Butter Wood.  PBW has a snoring issue.  She is capable and often does...snore as loud as full size human.  

Last night was one of those nights.  She sleeps in her bed right next to my side of the bed.  I must have turned her and spun her and flipped her and flopped her 10 times last night...all to no avail.

The Watch Dog - 4/12/2014

RANDOM THOUGHTS:  My chihuahua, Peanut, seems to have a built in internal clock.  She does not wear a wrist or leg watch and I have not ever caught her looking at any clocks in the house.  Her dinner time is at 5:PM most days.  She can be sound asleep at 4:30 and if you forget and it hits 5, she will come and sit in front of you and stare at you.  If you don't catch on, she will stare at you, look at the kitchen then back at you.  If you say "What do you want?", she will jump off the couch run to the kitchen and then back to you and stare at you again.

No Dry Ice - 3/21/2014

RANDOM THOUGHTS: Today at work, I came across this door down a long hallway with a strange sign on it.  Now I have worked at my current job for over 26 years now but somehow, I have never come across this sign before.  It made me very curious which has the propensity to possibly lead to bad things and/or trouble. 

Great Life Tip - 3/11/2014

RANDOM THOUGHTS:  I woke up last night with advice in my head that my mom use to give me growing up.  It was this: Always wear clean underwear.  You would not want to get into an accident and end up in the emergency room with dirty underwear on.  That would be embarrassing.

I guess that was her way of teaching me to plan ahead and maybe a way to get me to change my underwear.

Hopefully I will not get into an accident today but rest assured, if I do, I will have clean underwear on.

Thanks mom for learning me well.

Have a great day.

E.P. or S.E.P. - 3/9/2014

RANDOM THOUGHTS:  I have completed all the clock changes needed in the house and even in my truck and my wife, Denice's car.  This is probably either a good day or a bad day for the extreme and super extreme procrastinator.


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