Hairy Eagles - 3/22/2013

Random Thoughts:  Think how cool it would be if bald eagles were not bald at all.  If in fact, they had beautiful, full heads of hair.  They are spectacular as they are no doubt.  But imagine one with a big red, white and blue Elvis pompadour soaring above head.  Or a female eagle with long flowing braided hair with beads gracefully floating as she soared on high.  Oh, how sweet that would be?  I can see it all so clearly in my head and I just wish I could show you.

Comments? Thoughts? 

Thoughts on the Movie - Oz, the Great and Powerful

Random Thoughts:  I really liked the movie, "Oz, the Great and Powerful." Why you ask...I could say, "because, because, because, because, be...cause...because of the wonderful things he does." But I won't say that.

Instead, I will just say it was done well and is worth watching. My two favorite lines were as follows: Glenda speaking to Oz...The only one that does not believe in "You". The next is, also Glenda and Oz. Glenda says, "I knew you had it in you." Oz responds, "What, Greatness???" Glenda says, "No, better...goodness."

Melody Malady - 3/12/13

RANDOM THOUGHTS:  Today am wondering about the word, “malady” and how it sounds similar to the word, “melody" and that with just a change of a couple of vowels, you actually have the word melody.  So that naturally leads me to wonder that if you have trouble singing a you have a melody malady or M.M. for short?  Deep, deep thoughts today for sure.

O.S.G.S. - 3/12/13

RANDOM THOUGHTS:  I must have the most sensitive "gollywhopper" in the world. My wife and I stopped by McD's on the way home from the movies and bought a couple of Frappe's. While trying to drink mine, it seemed about every three to four sips, my gollywhopper has a panic attack and sent pains that made me scream like a little girl for about 20+ seconds. So when I got home, I made a hot cup of coffee to go with my Frappe in hopes of quickly counteracting the next attack. I am fairly sure that I suffer from O.S.G.S.

A Fleecing Thought - 3/12/13

RANDOM THOUGHTS:  When I think of "Fleece," it is a warm and fuzzy for me as I like the feel of it and have several jackets made of it. I also appreciate that it is never cold when I first put it on. So when I hear the saying, "The Fleecing of America," it makes me think of everyone being given a nice fleece jacket or some type of fleece clothing...and in that nice warm, soft thought...I like the idea...David Wood

A Little Nutty - 2/28/2013

RANDOM THOUGHTS:  I recently started replacing some of my regular fat free milk with "Almond Milk." While looking over the box and thinking about it, I realized that I have never, ever, in my entire life, seen an "udder" on an almond. So if in fact, they have no udder, how in the world do they get milk from it??? I have seen some coconut milk but know how they get the milk from them. But an almond? What gives?


Magically Delicious - 2/20/13

RANDOM THOUGHTS:  So the theme for Lucky Charms cereal just went through my mind. As it went by, it said, "They are magically delicious." That got me wondering about them being "magically delicious." Why is that, would they not be good if magic were not involved? Without the magic making them delicious would they maybe taste like...dirt or perhaps tofu? Something valuable to think about for sure.


Don't Get Hysterical - 2/19/2013

RANDOM THOUGHTS:  Last night I used the word, “hysterical” in a sentence or maybe it was just in my mind…who knows for sure these days.  Then it hit me, why is it only “his-terical” for a man or a woman being very upset and not “her-sterical” for a woman and his-terical for a man?

This line of thinking made me wonder further.  Was this man’s sneaky way of taking credit for all of these things or woman’s way of blaming man for it without him knowing it?  And so I continued to see what other valuable information was there to be gleaned from this line of thinking.

A Brush with Death - 2/18/2013

RANDOM THOUGHTS:  If you are brushing your teeth while you are brushing out your hair and slip on some water from your shower and fall flat on your back narrowly missing falling on an bed of nails someone left on your bathroom floor...have you all reality had...a "brush with death???"


End of a Cycle and Onion Thoughts - 12/21/2012

RANDOM THOUGHTS:  As we close out this Mayan calendar cycle I had a thought this morning. Actually, I had a few but this one seems to be forefront in my mind. "Do you think that if an Onion could smell its own breathe that it would want a breath mint...and in a related thought...if an Onion were to cut itself or fall down and skin it's knee, would it cry because it hurt or because it made it's eyes burn?"

Thoughts? Comment?


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