PROVING MY LOVE - 9/5/2016

JOURNAL THOUGHTS:  Sometimes in life, there are these special important moments...moments that really count...appointments with destiny even.  Tonight was one of those moment.

The Making of Kitty Wampus – 6/2/2016

JOURNAL:  On the way to work today, in the rain, on the freeway about five miles from work, the word, “kittywamus” came into my head.  I don’t know how, I don’t know why…maybe it was a direct gift from God and maybe not.  You can be the judge after reading more, as this word has sparked a plethora of thoughts in this crazy mind of mine.

A God that Hears – 3/9/2016

JOURNAL:  In the last few months, two things that I have been praying for, for a long, long time have made sudden progress.  When I was praying and thanking God for these things, God had a moment with me where He suddenly reminded me of a great truth.

A Manual Labor of Love – 2/25/2016

JOURNAL:  Now I love manuals.  Whenever I get a new product, I almost always save the manual, even if I know that I may never, ever look at it again.  When I was younger, I use to put them all in a big file in a filing cabinet and every now and then throughout the years, I have actually had to go find one to get some useful information out of it.  But most of the time that does not happen.  Most of the time they just sit in the filing cabinet year after year, some way past the time I even have the pr

A Shield Around Me – 2/16/2016

JOURNAL:  I work for a large company in Boise.  It takes at least 10 minutes to walk from one side of the company to the other.  And that is if you walk pretty fast.  They have many parking lots to accommodate all the people and depending on when you come in, you can have a bit of a hike walking in to your building.


JOURNAL THOUGHTS:  These verses (Ezekiel 36:26-27) at the end of this story are part of my memory verses.  This morning when I was going through my verses and recited these two, I stopped and thought more about them.

This Old Guitar 1/27/2016

This Old GuitarJOURNAL:  Last Sunday afternoon, I watched football to see who would make it into the super-bowl while I worked on an old friend.  I set up a table in the middle of my living room, laid out a towel, took my old friend off the wall and laid him gently down on his back for the procedure.

An Avid Hunter – 10/20/2015

JOURNAL:  I am not an “Avid” hunter.  In fact, I am not much of a hunter at all.  I have gone hunting before once that I remember many, many moons ago but there was no danger of me actually getting anything.  It was apparent to me on that trip that God made my feet way too big to hunt.  Every time I took a step, I broke sticks, crunched leaves or kicked rocks.  I found it impossible to not make a ton of noise while walking through the woods in big boots.

The Unexpected Guest - 9/13/2015

JOURNAL:  This morning, I was given...and somehow passed a great unexpected test.

If you have read my story, "Spider Defense" or if you are my wife or a close friend, you may know that I have adopted a new approach to spiders...when I find them in my house.  In general, I have been this way with most insects I find in my house for some time...and with wolf spiders for a long, long time.

Getting a Piece of the Peace – 8/6/2015

JOURNAL:  Are you troubled about something today?  Is there something, someone or many things and many people in your life that have your worried and anxious about today, tomorrow and/or the future?  If you say, yes, yes, yes!!!…I think you are in good company, me included.  This life can be such a complicated thing to maneuver through for sure.


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