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A Straight Path - 11/5/2015

SHORT THOUGHTS:  Are you having issues with crooked paths?  I have had plenty of "crooked path" issues throughout my life.

Looking back over my life with 20/20 hindsight, it seems to turn out that my crooked path times were always when I thought I knew something that I did not and upon closer inspection, I found that I was only  That has never proved to be a great combo...EVER!!!  Without God to lead and guide me...I am surely lost.


SHORT THOUGHTS:  Here are some great focus verses for today and every day.  As I recalled these verses in my head this morning, I was reminded of a quote I heard a while ago that at the time, stuck in me like an arrow as simply...truth.  But it is life giving truth that we sometimes forget and need to remind ourselves of again and re-remember from time to time because this life here on earth can get pretty dog gone rough.

The quote goes something like, "We are not in the land of the living and moving towards the land of the is the other way around."

An Avid Hunter – 10/20/2015

JOURNAL:  I am not an “Avid” hunter.  In fact, I am not much of a hunter at all.  I have gone hunting before once that I remember many, many moons ago but there was no danger of me actually getting anything.  It was apparent to me on that trip that God made my feet way too big to hunt.  Every time I took a step, I broke sticks, crunched leaves or kicked rocks.  I found it impossible to not make a ton of noise while walking through the woods in big boots.

The Unexpected Guest - 9/13/2015

JOURNAL:  This morning, I was given...and somehow passed a great unexpected test.

If you have read my story, "Spider Defense" or if you are my wife or a close friend, you may know that I have adopted a new approach to spiders...when I find them in my house.  In general, I have been this way with most insects I find in my house for some time...and with wolf spiders for a long, long time.

Mixing and Matching – 9/3/2015

SHORT THOUGHTS:  Spiritually speaking...when you got up today to face the world, what did you put on?  We are instructed in Colossians, as God's chosen actually "dress ourselves" spiritually, just like we do or at least...should do with our physical bodies...before going out to face the world, get the paper or mail or maybe even just to make a ham sandwich.  Ha.

Asking Some Questions - 8/19/2015

SHORT THOUGHTS:  I am thinking about some questions to consider today.  I am also providing some related verses to ponder for prayer and contemplation.

In whom or what are you building your life on?  Is the foundation being built on shifting sand or on solid rock?  Will it hold when the storms come?

Getting a Piece of the Peace – 8/6/2015

JOURNAL:  Are you troubled about something today?  Is there something, someone or many things and many people in your life that have your worried and anxious about today, tomorrow and/or the future?  If you say, yes, yes, yes!!!…I think you are in good company, me included.  This life can be such a complicated thing to maneuver through for sure.

Dealing with the Truth – 8/4/2015

JOURNAL:  This morning, I was spending a little time on my way driving into work, praying…or as I see it, talking to God.

I had already talked to God about various people who were on my mind that are fighting some tough things right now in this thing we call…our life.  After that, I specifically thanked my Daddy for things and people that were in my life.  And then I said something like, “You are the biggest desire of my life.”

Bad News...Good News – 7/23/2015

JOURNAL:  The Bad News:  On our own, there is nothing that we can do to earn our way to heaven.  (OH NO!!! *high voice heard from the back row*)  On our own, we are all the same in that…we all fall short…we all sin.  So in that way, we all sail in the same boat together.  On our own, no amount of study and education, fasting and praying, seeking and finding or pleading and begging can materialize a way for us to make it to heaven.

Bring It - 7/7/2015

SHORT THOUGHTS:  This world can get kind of tough at times.  But as believers in Jesus, we have somewhere to take our problems.  God's Word actually tells us to cast our cares on HIM...because He cares for us.  The problem is, often we don't do that. 

Instead, we run around and look for answers anywhere and everywhere else except for in the One that knows the beginning from the end...the One that knows our every word before it is even on our tongues...the One who loved us enough to make a way for us to come boldly before His throne.


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