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A Brush with Death - 2/18/2013

RANDOM THOUGHTS:  If you are brushing your teeth while you are brushing out your hair and slip on some water from your shower and fall flat on your back narrowly missing falling on an bed of nails someone left on your bathroom floor...have you not...in all reality had...a "brush with death???"


What Would a Carrot Eat? - 12/22/2012

RANDOM THOUGHTS:  What would a carrot eat to improve its eyesight?  I have never seen a carrot with glasses but I'm not sure if it's because they don't need glasses or because they are vain.

Comments?  Thoughts?

End of a Cycle and Onion Thoughts - 12/21/2012

RANDOM THOUGHTS:  As we close out this Mayan calendar cycle I had a thought this morning. Actually, I had a few but this one seems to be forefront in my mind. "Do you think that if an Onion could smell its own breathe that it would want a breath mint...and in a related thought...if an Onion were to cut itself or fall down and skin it's knee, would it cry because it hurt or because it made it's eyes burn?"

Thoughts? Comment?

Wait Just a Cotton Pickin' Minute - 12/18/2012

RANDOM THOUGHTS:  Yesterday, I thought of the phrase I had heard and used before throughout my life, "Wait just a cotton pickin' minute."

Then I thought..."Cotton pickin' minute??? What exactly is that and how does is differ from a regular minute? Is it longer or shorter than a regular minute or is it the same time frame with a fluffy, warm, shrinkable attitude??? Or is some completely different kind of animal?"


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