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E.P. or S.E.P. - 3/9/2014

RANDOM THOUGHTS:  I have completed all the clock changes needed in the house and even in my truck and my wife, Denice's car.  This is probably either a good day or a bad day for the extreme and super extreme procrastinator.

You Can’t Do the Boogaloo – 2/25/2014

RANDOM THOUGHTS:  This morning I woke up with a challenge in my head.  Now, being a Christian and all, you might think this was a deep, improve and grow yourself, kind of challenge.  But you would be wrong.

The challenge strongly in my head when I got up and was getting ready for work this morning was clearly these five words.  “You can’t do the boogaloo.”

Yes, I know, those are not deep words at all…these words are fighting words no doubt.  You don’t just wake me up on a Tuesday morning and tell ME what I can’t do; Mr. Whoever said that to my brain!

Really...Fork Again? - 2/11/2014

RANDOM THOUGHTS:  Why does it always have to be a fork in the road anyway?  Why not a knife, spoon or even a sweet pair of scissors?  Or why not a can opener, cork screw or that cool thing that takes the corn off the cob for you?  Or maybe a popcorn maker, crock-pot or even the whole kitchen sink for that matter?  A fair compromise would be, at a minimum, a spork or even a spife.  COME ON LIFE...mix it up a little.  Lose the fork and quit being so predictable.

A Brazilian - 2/8/2014

RANDOM THOUGHTS:  My daughter Shelby just told me that fifteen minutes of shivering will burn as much fat as an hour of cardio.  I told her she should just go lay in the snow in the front yard this morning instead of working out then.  She agreed but did not do it.  You can lead a horse to water but you can't make them drink...kind of thing.

Running with the Kids - 1/28/2014

RANDOM THOUGHTS:  Over the weekend, I saw a strange thing...yes, even for me.  As I stopped my truck at a 4-way stop, to my left, three young men in beanies and full winter running gear came running up to the corner, turned and continued on.  Nothing strange about that.  The strange part was what was following these three young men.

Sacrilegious - 2013

RANDOM THOUGHT:  "Sacrilegious" are the people who pack and bring their lunch to church with them. You will know them right away. They are the ones in the 3rd row with a banana, apple or orange, half a sandwich and a box of juice with a little straw stuck in the top. They are the ones prepared for a long, long, sermon...David Wood

"Member" That! - 11/19/2013

RANDOM THOUGHTS:  When I was at my daughter, Marilynn 's house a few days ago, she came in and was talking to someone and said, "member?" and then immediately corrected herself saying, "RE-member?"  I laughed because I do exactly the same thing and told her so. Then I struck up a conversation about that maybe, just maybe...if we look at it from a slightly different perspective and change the angle just a smidge, "member" may actually in fact be...the right word the first time.  

Minute Thoughts - 10/22/2013

RANDOM THOUGHTS:  So this morning, I was taking care of my dog, Peanut, making tea and getting my lunch together for today.  While I was doing these things I was thinking about various things and while I was thinking about shoe laces, I thought of the saying, "Just a cotton picking minute."  I stopped and wondered what exactly a cotton picking minute was.  Was it longer or shorter or the same as a normal minute?  Was it fluffier than a normal minute and would it shrink more in the laundry?  Could you buy it in all kinds or great colors and did it have an irritating tag sown

Rotisserie Thoughts - 9/14/2013

RANDOM THOUGHTS:  As I was eating a rotisserie chicken for dinner tonight, I had a thought.  I know, I know.  I was thinking that if I was a rotisserie chicken and had given my life to feed someone, I would not want them to waste me.  I would want them to eat every part so my life was not given in vain.  Wasting me would really ruffle my feathers.


Whoa - 9/14/2013

RANDOM THOUGHTS:  So if you are a horse and you are enjoying running at full speed only to be suddenly brought to a stop by your rider...do you think to yourself, "Whoa is me?"  And if you are the rider and you see your horse looking sad, do you say, "What's the matter little feller, why the long face?"



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