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Becoming What We Following – 10/21/2016

SHORT THOUGHTS:  Psalm 115:2-8 were the verses from my reading this morning in my closet time.  There were more verses after this and one before but I just kind of stopped reading like there was a stop sign when I got to these.  Then I read them again and maybe even again and absorbed them.

The last verse just spoke so loudly to my soul.  We become like our idols.  Likewise, my logic tells me that the concept is also true that when we follow God, we begin to look more and more like a son or daughter of our Loving Father.

GOD IS THERE – 9/16/16

Ps94SHORT THOUGHTS:  We all go through hard times in this thing we  But we never go through them alone.  Oh, we may think we are alone for sure but truth is...God is right there, going through our hard times and all other times with us.  His presence is with us always.  When we feel we are all alone, it is not because God is not there.  What is missing is our awareness...our ability to see and notice God right there all around us, in

All of Us - 7/19/2012

SHORT THOUGHTS:  EVERYONE deals with good and bad things in life...everyone. It is how we respond to those things that matters.  Our response to what life brings our way is what we are in full control of and is what will make us into who we are and who we will become in the future.

God, help us to face life head on, to see clearly and to choose wisely, staying close to You, our strength and our shield.

Carry on,

I Choose You - 8/3/2016

SHORT THOUGHTS:  I think we all need to remind ourselves often just how much God loves us.  Not because He ever stops showing us just how much He loves us but because sometimes in life, we stop looking.

We stop noticing His awesome beauty all around us and all the big and little things He gives and does for us each and every day, just because.

I believe that we find what we look for in this life.  If we look for bad, we will surely find it.  And if we look for good, we will find it there waiting also.  It is all in what we seek.

Putting Our Trust - 7/18/2016

SHORT THOUGHTS:  There are many things in this life that just don't make any sense at all. No matter how hard we try to figure out the "why"...there is just not a reasonable answer that ever surfaces. There are many things happening in the world right now that fit this criteria and that leaves us feeling angry, anxious, afraid and hopeless.

Success in Marriage - 7/11/2016

SHORT THOUGHTS:  Besides a mutual faith and trust in God, I think the next most important thing is not so much..."finding" the right person as much as it is..."being" the right person.

If our thoughts and desires are to care for our spouse as ourselves, then unless you treat yourself badly, you will treat your spouse with love, honor and respect.  You will take care of them and nurture them just like you do your own body.

In That Day - 7/8/2016

SHORT THOUGHTS:  There are many things that happen in this life that we just will never, ever understand.  The hard truth, though we don't like it, is that we don't have to understand everything.  With some things...we will just have to learn to trust in the One that knows everything from the beginning to the end.  The One that will make all things new and all wrongs right.  The One that loves us more than we can ever even comprehend.  In that day, when we are there with God, then we will see and understand it all.

Carry on,

Gates and Doors - 5/10/2016

SHORT THOUGHTS:  Straight from my prayer closet, consider the words of Psalm 24:7-10.

What gates have we refused to open in our lives to God so He can come in and reign? What ancient doors are still locked, bolted and barricaded to keep The King of Glory out and our way in?

Something to consider as we move forward this morning.

Not Enough Faith – 5/3/2016

SHORT THOUGHTS:  I read these words this morning in my prayer time and they were just so true that I had to share them with you all.

To me, if we just open our eyes and our ears, the evidence of God's existence is literally...everywhere.  He is in the things that "just happen" like clockwork every single day...the seasons coming and going...the beauty in all creation all around us.  He is calling out to us everywhere if we will just open our eyes and our ears and see Him and hear Him.

If I Can – 4/12/2016

SHORT THOUGHTS:  Who couldn't use a straight path?  So much of life does not make sense to me.  But that is not so with God.  He sees everything from the beginning to the end.  He sees what will be where we see what is now.  He see us for who we will become where we see us for who we are now.  He removes our sins as far as the east is from the west while we remember all of our shortcomings.


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