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Judgement? - 12/18/2012

Psalm 127 (NIV1984)
Unless the Lord builds the house, its builders labor in vain. Unless the Lord watches over the city, the watchmen stand guard in vain.

As I have watched the direction our country is headed the past few years, this verse has come to mind over and over again. American has been overly blessed by God because we were founded in Him and for what we have stood for.

I Choose Meat - 9/25/2012

SHORT THOUGHTS:  This morning I made lunch for my daughter Shelby and me. I made sandwiches but I keep everything separate until lunch time so nothing gets soggy.

So I had a container with bread, one with mayo and a baggy with lettuce in it and out the door I went being very happy with my organizational skills.

Dress for Success - 10/29/2012

SHORT THOUGHTS:  In the verses below, I find it interesting that it is totally our choice as to what we put on, how we will interact and ultimately, to what people will see. The verse is asking us to do something very specific, suggesting that we choose to put on these things, much like we choose our outfits before going out the door to work or school or wherever, dressing appropriately. And in that, the choice is still ours to “put on or not to put on”...or maybe to put on something else entirely different.

Smarter, Stronger and Wiser - 12/1/2012

SHORT THOUGHTS:  I am smarter, stronger and wiser because of all the many mistakes and failures I have had throughout my life. The positive did not grow out of the mistakes and failures on their own but grew because I chose to learn from those shortcomings. If I choose to, I am now able to see right through all my bologna excuses and know when I am trying to pull something over my head because of something I selfishly just want to do...David Wood

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One Day - 12/3/2012

SHORT THOUGHTS:  One day, we will close our eyes to this world...and when we open them to the next, we will find that what we lived in before (the here and now) was only a temporary place that God made especially for us. And where we are at that time (the there and then), that is what was always real and eternal and waiting for us to come home to...David Wood 12/3/2012

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