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A.S.K. – 12/18/2014

SHORT THOUGHTS:  God wants us to be proactive in our prayers to Him.  Even though He knows the words before they are on our tongue (Psalm 139:4), He still wants us to communicate with be in interactive relation with Him.  He wants us to talk to Him and thank Him for all He does, is doing and has done for us and ask Him for the things that are important to us and/or are heavy on our hearts.  He simply wants us to talk to Him.

Yes, No, Maybe So – 12/15/2014

SHORT THOUGHTS:  We all love the answer “YES” to prayer.  But even though we don’t like it as much, we must remember that “NO” and “NOT NOW” are also answers to prayer.  It is all a matter of trusting the One that loves us the most and knows us the best.

Consider this: In looking back over your life, how thankful are you for all of the times that God did NOT answer your prayer...all the times He did NOT give you what you were asking for?  I, personally, am very thankful. How that would have messed up my life good.

Angel or Lion - 12/12/2014

SHORT THOUGHTS:  This morning, I was listening to Adrian Rogers on the radio on the way into work.  He told a story about a Romanian man that he knew.  He said the man had told him that the Bible says that Satan comes in two a roaring lion and an angel of light.

He had moved to the United States and said in Romania, he had experience him as the roaring loin in the form of persecution and fear.  But here in the USA, he experienced him as the angel of light in the form of compromise and complacency.

Dressing Ourselves - 12/3/2014

SHORT THOUGHTS:  What are you wearing today?  We can choose to put on our stinky attitude clothes or choose to dress up!  What will you or have you chosen this day?  Is there anything you should go back home and take off?  Dress well, the world is waiting.

Carry on,

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Trust the ONE - 12/4/2014

SHORT THOUGHTS:  Do not underestimate what God is doing during the hard times and struggles of your life.  God is always working and nothing is ever wasted...nothing.  We see right in the "here and now" but God's view is more focused in the "there and then," the end results...the finished product...the transformation from dark to light.

When you don't understand, trust the One that loves you the most and knows you the best. 

Carry on,

Holiday Memories - 11/28/2014

SHORT THOUGHTS:  Holidays are great time for family to gather and appreciate each other.  But as the families gather, it also makes it painfully obvious of our precious loved ones that are not with us any longer on this earth.  And when this happens, those voids in our lives are often magnified during these times.

And so we remember.  We are grateful for the impact these people had in our lives and sad because of their absence now.  But one day there will be no more death, no more crying and no more pain.

Planning Ahead - 11/25/2014

Planning Ahead

SHORT THOUGHTS: In this picture are my planned snacks for today.  Planning ahead and being intentional in this way helps me to stay on a healthier track and avoid making bad choices.

It doesn't mean I still don't make bad choices at times because I do but it puts good choices in my view and then it is up to me to choose them.

Blessing or Curse - 11/19/2014

SHORT THOUGHTS:  I believe hard times can be blessing or a curse.  But it all depends on how we respond to them.

Ruffing It - 11/15/2014

peanut butter wood - ruffing itSHORT THOUGHTS:  It was a great day today.  I just out barked my dog, Peanut Butter Wood.  She started barking at nothing as she often does. So instead of fighting it like normal, I decided to join in with her.  When she barked, I barked.  When I barked, she barked more.  When she barked more, I barked more.  When I barked more…well, you get the picture.

A Rude Awakening - 10/25/2014

SHORT THOUGHTS:  I was thinking about rude-Abagas (rutabagas).  It seems to me that this is the only kind of Abagas we ever hear about.  Did these vegetables get a bad rap somehow?

I wonder if there are actually nice ones out there somewhere and we have just never heard of them.  It's the rude ones that make a better story, the rude ones that get all the interviews on TV and the rude ones that get a spot on Dr. Phil?


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