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One Foot - 10/14/2014

SHORT THOUGHTS:  Change is a hard thing for sure.  But if you don't like where you are and you continue to do the same things you have been doing, nothing will ever change...nothing will ever be different.  A definition of insanity that I like is, "Doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results."

Change starts with doing something differently than what has brought you to where you are now...something that will lead you in the direction you want to go.  But in the end, it will not happen without you choosing it.  It all starts with you.

Immovable Truth - 9/15/2014

SHORT THOUGHTS:  As we are continually being told by the media and our culture what we should think, what we should accept, how we should act and what we should do, remember these words.

Cultures come and cultures go.  Their views change with a whim, a toss of the sea, a change in the wind.  They shift this way and that way to match whatever the most popular view decides is "right" for now...until they decide it is not anymore.

A Better Time to Come – 9/3/2014

SHORT THOUGHTS:  With all the unsettling news in media these days, you just have to wonder what in the world is happening to this place we call "earth" where we live.  It seems like everywhere you look, things are in turmoil or at least that is what we are shown in the media.   Free will choices have allowed us to make quite a mess of things for sure.  Turning away from God and going our own way has consequences, there is no doubt.  Without Him...we are just lost.

Make it Count - 7/29/2014

SHORT THOUGHTS:  There have always been songs in my life that have grabbed on to me.  You know, ones that seem to fit exactly what you are going though or how you feel about something.

Even as an adult, this still happens to me and below is one of those songs.  Every time I watch this video I am opened up wide emotionally it seems and many life memories go through my head from losing my son and other precious people in my life to unresolved issues in relationships that still exist today.

New Things - 7/24/2014

SHORT THOUGHTS:  GOD is working in the desert of our lives.  Whether we see it or not, He is still there.  Where we see sand and prickly cactus, He see's life and flowing streams of water to refresh and renew your soul.

We can only see where we are right now, this day, this moment.  But God sees way past all that and on to where we will be when this page or perhaps, chapter is written.

The Lifter of My Head - 7/22/2014

SHORT THOUGHTS:  To all who are struggling right are some verses for you today.  My favorite part in all of this is where it says, "The One who lifts my head high."  

Even Though - 7/21/2014

SHORT THOUGHTS:  I woke up this morning with the thought that God knows absolutely everything about me.  All the good and all the bad.  All my strengths and all my weaknesses.  He is fully aware of where I have been and where I am going and He knows where I will fail and where I will succeed.  He has seen me and has been there with me in my lowest of lowest of times, in the highest of highest of times and during everything in between.  Even when I did not realize it, He was still there.  He loves me when I have removed all of my masks and loves me when I pile them all on. 

Three Quick Thoughts - 7/7/2014

SHORT THOUGHTS:  Three thoughts.

God's word is like a great condiment and meant to be spread around.  Maybe that is why it is called the bread of life.

Our words can be like boulders and a wrecking ball or like building blocks and a healing salve.  The power is in our mouths and fueled by what is in our hearts.  Some things once said can never be taken back.  Choose what you let come from your lips wisely.

Eternity - 6/29/2014

SHORT THOUGHTS:  These are thoughts this evening.  I took this picture last week in Cascade, Idaho while I was at Valley Christian Church family camp.  As I took the picture, I knew exactly what verse went with this sagging building in the middle of this beautiful scenery.

A Brave Prayer - 6/19/2014

SHORT THOUGHTS:  Do you want a prayer that God will surely answer?  God is all about growing us into who He wants us to be.  A prayer like this gives Him permission to begin to show you where you need work and where He can bring real change if you will allow construction to begin.  Even though it is easy to point fingers in many directions, I have found that with most problems in life, the work will always begin with ourselves.  Yes, stinky, I know.


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