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Reshape and Change - 3/6/2014

SHORT THOUGHTS:  Reshaping and change are not my strong point. However…God doesn’t care about that. He still works on reshaping and changing what He wants in my life anyway and then just has to listen to more whining from me than from people who like to reshaping and change.  Are there really such people?  Ha.


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It's Not You - 2/22/2014

SHORT  THOUGHTS:  God loves us before, past and through all of our freewill choices whether they lead us to His side or far from Him.  To be clear, I did not say He loved all of our choices but that He loves "US" through them all.

No Turning – 2/4/2014

SHORT THOUGHTS:  Last night, after months and months of unpacking and organizing…I finally moved my Dodge Dakota truck into the third bay of the garage for the very first time.

This was very exciting for me.  It will save me ten minutes each morning or fifty minutes a week because I do not have to warm it up, defrost, scrape or remove snow from my vehicle before taking off to work.  It will also save me the gas it takes to warm it up for that ten minutes each morning.  So I am very much…like McD’s…loving it!

Spreading the Word - 2/2/2014

SHORT THOUGHTS:  This morning when we got to church, as I was getting out of the car my bible flew unexpected out of my hands, opened and landed face down in the parking lot. Bulletins and papers scattered all along the side of the car.

Of course this did not make me happy as this is not the normal thing I like to do in the church parking lot before going in.  It also did not help when my daughter, Shelby, asked me why I had thrown my Bible in the parking lot.  But then the words came to me..."I'm trying to spread the Word!" 

A Brighter Day – 1/31/2014

SHORT THOUGHTS:  Yesterday, driving on my way home, the sun was shining so bright and mostly in my face.  But I didn't mind at all.  I had my sunglasses on and enjoyed the warmth on my skin as well as the much needed dose of vitamin D infusing into me.

You see, we have been in a major inversion for some time now and it had been a while since I had seen the sun out in all its glory.  But there it was like a big ball of fire in the sky.  Wait a sec…it is a big ball of fire in the sky.  Anyway…there is was.

God's Will - 1/27/2014

SHORT THOUGHTS:  Are you searching for God's will in your life?  Do you ever ask, "God what is it you want me to do?"  I think we have all been there.  At least I know I have for sure.

Finding God's will for your life is an intentional thing and requires you to stop looking for YOUR will and the will of the culture and other people screaming all around you...and to actually seek His will.

In Jeremiah 29:13, it tells us that we will seek Him and find Him, when we seek Him with all of our heart.  Yikes...ALL of my heart?  Yes, ALL of your heart!  

Morning Contemplation - 11/30/2013

SHORT THOUGHTS:  This morning, I am thinking about family and friends and all the dynamics of love and friendship that hold it all together.  I am thinking how precious and fragile it all can be and how life almost always, does not turn out the way that "we" plan it.  I am thinking about and remembering some of the people I have lost in this life, some in death and some in just broken relationships.  Some long ago and some not so long ago and the marks they have all left on my life. 

Helping God - 11/21/2013

SHORT THOUGHTS: CONFESSION...Often, I am not the most patient person and like to think I can help God with His plans for my life.  Sometimes I even try to make them for Him and then later, try to get Him on board with my brilliance and wisdom.  This is usually when He is not planning things quick enough or making the right choices for my liking.  In general, it rarely works out well for me and almost always shows me that I am neither brilliant or wise.  

Amping It Up - 10/25/2013

SHORT THOUGHTS:  As I have gotten older and my hearing is not as great as it use to be, I have found myself reading more and more from the AMPLIFIED BIBLE version.  This kind of reminds me of the Verizon commercial theme, "Can you hear me now?"  Bibles for the hard of hearing...what a great idea!!!  Wow, there is a lot to think about in this thought.  But lucky for you, I will refrain myself...for now.  You're welcome in advance.

Everything is a Gift - 10/12/2013

SHORT THOUGHTS:  Appreciate and practice every good thing you have been given in this life as often as you can and for as long as you can.  Everything is a gift and is meant to be used to its fullest...not wasted.  Even the breath you just took while reading these words was a gift.

There is no guarantee what will be there tomorrow and what will not.  The biggest regrets I think we will have in the end are the things we wanted to do but did not do them while we still could.  What are you letting go by?

~David Wood 10/12/2013 (c)


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