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A Time for a Change – 10/10/2013

SHORT THOUGHTS:  Often, our own worlds have to completely come crashing down before God can begin to build something of lasting and eternal value in our lives.  It is when all that "WE" have chosen catches up with us and "OUR" plans fail us that we can truly stop and make a fresh start to rebuild our lives for the better.  It is a hard, tough lesson but an opportunity for real change...if we take it.  With God, it is a "beauty for ashes" kind of exchange. 

A Purpose in the Tears - 9/22/2013

SHORT THOUGHTS:  I really hate it when I see people cry.  I hate it even more when it is someone close to me that I love and care about.  Inside, I feel panic and want to do something to take the hurt away but there is just no way to take on the pain of others.  It is just something we all face sometimes in this life.

FIXING OUR EYES – 8/8/2013

SHORT THOUGHTS:  If you are like me, sometimes you find yourself pulled in so many directions and you are not sure whether you are coming or going and sometimes you meet yourself in the middle and say, "Hey, that guy or gal looks familiar!"  Life just seems to get like that doesn’t it?

Jars of Clay - 8/1/2013

SHORT THOUGHTS:   Oh how I know this verse from 2 Corinthians to be true.  I am weak but HE is strong.  I am frail and easily broken but somehow, God, the maker of everything, wants to hang with me.  Without him, I am nothing but with HIM, I am a child of the King.

One Choice Away - 7/25/2013

SHORT THOUGHTS:  We are all only one choice away from changing the course of our lives and those caught in our ripple…for good or for bad.  Remember that the choices you make in life each and every day matter not only to you but to others that are affected.  You are defining your future this very day one choice at a time.  Walk humbly and carefully and seek guidance from the Great Maker of you and of me.


Love is a Verb - 7/24/2013

SHORT THOUGHTS:  My verse for today.  I was reading 1 John in chapter 3 last night before bed with Denice.  When I got to verse 19, it really stood out to me.  So I thought I would share it with you.

Until Then...Faith - 7/22/2013

SHORT THOUGHTS:  God is still, always was and always will be loving and good.  Even when we can't see it...even when it is far beyond our view...even when it makes no sense to us at all.  One day we will see the whole picture, beginning to end and understand.  One day, the veil of this life will be torn away and we will see and know fully and all will be clear...Until then, just know it is true.  Until 


New Life Rule - 7/15/2013

SHORT THOUGHTS:  NEW LIFE RULE...for all things good, positive and productive in my life.

Instead of looking for excuses and all the reasons why I can't do something...I will now look for opportunities and focus on all the reasons why I can, will and should do the things that I need to do, want to do and dream about accomplishing.  I want to, I choose to and will make the most of this gift of life and precious time that God has given to me.

Great Lessons of Life - 7/12/2013

SHORT THOUGHTS:  You can only control what you do, think and say...not what others do, think and say. The sooner you learn and more importantly, accept that fact, the sooner you will be able to lighten your load. And you certainly cannot change the past but only make choices to affect the present and the future. Don't worry and fret about what you can't is a waste of precious life. Just work on what you can change and invest your life in things of value so your future looks nothing like your past.

Small Pains - 7/9/2013

SHORT THOUGHTS:  Well, I am up and around and my body is reminding me of the two games I played last night.  But these small pains remind me I am alive and still kicking and I am thankful for that.  I am also very grateful for the ONE from whom my help and strength comes from. I am thankful for life and what this body God gave me can still do.  And even though my body may not work exactly the same as it used to, I am enjoying the ride.

Thank you God for all You have done for me and still do for me, whether I even know it or not.  You rock and are my Rock!


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