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Of All the Things - 7/7/2013

SHORT THOUGHTS:  In 52 years of life, of all the things I still do not know, have not ever been able to figured out or failed to thing I do know clearly.  That is this...God loves me.  I was worth a Son to Him.

It does not make any sense to me why because I know me and I really don't think I will truly ever figure it out while I am on this side of eternity.  But I do know that it is true...God loves me and God loves you and I am so grateful.  These two verses pretty much put it in a nutshell for us.


Bring on The Pure Joy - 6/27/2013

SHORT THOUGHTS:  Who loves hard times?  Who considers them, "PURE JOY?"  Not me!  Not me!  But look at all the cool stuff James tells us can come from them.

Right off the bat, we can gain perseverance.  And this "perseverance" thingy seems to have the ability to bring us maturity, completeness and to leave us lacking for nothing.  I like the sound of that.  Who would not want that?

Judge Not - 6/7/2013

SHORT THOUGHTS:  When you judge someone, you don't really define them... you define yourself.  It is my observation in this thing we call, "life"... that most of the time, it is the people who are making those judgment calls and casting accusations our way that are truly in need of a good look in the mirror.

What Are You Wearing? - 6/4/2013

SHORT THOUGHTS:  Did you get dressed today?  What about your spirit, what is it wearing?  Just like you get up every day and most likely put on some kind of clothes (unless you live in a nudist colony), in the same way, God's word seems to suggest that we also dress our spirits, effecting out attitudes that we will have.  And depending on what we choose from your spiritual dresser and closet to put on, we can have a variety of attitudes when going out the door and interacting with the world as ambassadors for Christ.  Depending on what we pick,  that will be who the world w

Our Most Precious Gift - 5/17/2013

SHORT THOUGHTS:   As I awoke this morning and wondered how much time I had before the alarm went off, these words popped into my head.  "Don't worry about how much time you have left...just make the most of the time that you have."  And with that, I drifted back to sleep until my alarm truly went off, officially starting me into my awake side of the new day. 

Relationship, Not Religion - 5/10/2013

SHORT THOUGHTS:  The spirit of religion is more concerned with our appearance and how we look on the outside to others rather than how we really are. We can look good and at the same time, not be good at all. The spirit of relationship, as in with God, is concerned with what we truly are on the inside...under all the masks and false fronts we use to keep people from seeing our faults and who we really are...just broken people in great need of a Savior.  -David

Because We Must - 4/26/2013

SHORT THOUGHTS:  IF we are going to be Christians, we HAVE to learn to forgive.  It is simply a must and needs to become a part of "who we are" just because of "who we know" and did the same for us, kind of thing, when "we" did nothing to deserve it.  It is a simple statement but hard to do, it seems.  But if we are holding anything against anyone, we must forgive them and truly let it go.  It is for our own good to forgive and to our own detriment if we don't.  If we are waiting for an apology or until that person that hurt us has paid for what they did or until they deser

Who We Are - 4/22/2013

SHORT THOUGHTS:  Who you are is not defined by the mistakes you have made although that is probably what you think.  That is one of the biggest lies we have been told by society, people in general and ourselves.  We are all children of God and are greatly loved by our Abba Father.  We have all made mistakes and in that way, this is what makes us all the same.  But in God's eyes, our worth is not made up of the sum of our successes and failures but only in the great and wonderful love that He has for us.  He loved us so much that we were worth the sacrifice of His only Son. 

One Step at a Time - 4/16/2013

SHORT THOUGHTS: I think that we should celebrate all the little victories in our lives too, not just the big ones. Little victories can be significant though they may not seem like much at the time and only one at a time. But little victories turn into lots of change over time. Lots of change when all added up equals BIG CHANGE and BIG VICTORIES.

Life works one step at at time. Take the first step towards where you want to be. Then after some time, stop and look back and see how far you have come.  Then look up and give thanks and don't forget to smile. :)

A Walk with the Master (A Dogmatic Thought) 4/12/2013

SHORT THOUGHTS:  Sometimes we read things in God’s word that are ruff, ruff, ruff and may make us feel like we have been whacked with a rolled up news paper and feel like we are barking up the wrong tree.  Sometimes we read things in God’s word that are like a treat and it makes us want to sit up, take notice and shake our tails vigorously.  But as with all things we read in God’s word, you just can't shake a stick at good advice.  And the Bible is not only “good advice,” it is God’s living and breathing word and He speaks to us through it. 


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